Karate Insecticide

A highly effective product and has the capability of controlling several crop pests in one spray with knockout properties. Karate is formulated with the active ingredient LAMBDA CYHALOTHRIN its novel granular formulation-pours like a liquid therefore easy to handle. Has a high efficacy low rates-very low residue. After feeding on a Karate treated plant or crawling over a treated leaf, the pest is first paralyzed and then quickly dies. With broad spectrum capabilities it is used worldwide on cotton and vegetable fields and is also considered a cost-effective solution for the growers.


Karate 5EC is a broad-spectrum insecticide containing lambda-cyhalothrin as the active ingredient. This insecticide is very effective for the control of biting, chewing and sucking insect pests of cotton and other crops including grasshoppers, locusts and armyworm Karate is a Group 3 , emulsifiable concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for the control of various insects. A broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for the control of biting, chewing and sucking insect pests.

Targeted Pests: All Chewing insects

  • It is suitable for use on any major crops because of its wide scope of action.

Features of Karate Insecticide

  • Broad spectrum
  • Novel granular formulation-pours like a liquid therefore easy to handle. High efficacy at low rates-very low residue on crops and short PHI
  • Contact, residual and stomach action-ensures control whether or not the pest is directly hit or sprayed.

Karate: How to use

  • Karate 5EC is highly active (by contact and ingestion) against a wide range of insect pests. It can eliminate or reduce the acaricidal sprays needed in the season if applied regularly, especially using high volume ground sprays.
  • Dilute the amount indicated below with clean water.
  • Dose: 1.5 – 2.0mL/liter of water.

Safety precautions

  • Do not smoke, drink or eat while using this product.
  • Wear eye protection (at least glasses). If you get it in your eyes, wash it out at once.
  • Wear synthetic rubber gloves. Undiluted Karate can irritate your skin. If you get it on your skin, wash it off at once. If you spill it on your clothes, change and wash them immediately.

Safety when spraying

  • As with all chemicals, avoid contact with the spray as much as you can.
  • When using mist blower, wear a mask covering nose and mouth.
  • To avoid harming fish in ponds or other water bodies, do not spray over wate

Product Specification

Packaging Size1 Litre
Technical NameNA
Packaging TypePlastic Bottle
CropAll Crops
FormulationLambdacyhalothrin 5% EC
Chemical FormulaLambdacyhalothrin 5% EC
Mode Of ActionSpray
Dosage2 Ml/Ltr
Dilution In Water100 Ltrs Of Water
Minimum Order Quantity1 Bottle

Prices of Karate Insecticide

 $24.93 –  $50.00

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