From the field to the grain elevator and processor, we offer measurement solutions.  Kett’s Grain Moisture Meterare in the grain industry, starting with handheld rice and grain analyzers that were developed in the 1940’s. Numerous handheld, desktop and on-line analyzers are available for both specific grain products and generic testing. All systems include a three-year warranty.


Provides instant, non-contact measurement of moisture in Grain . Factory calibration included. Simply push the probe into the bale and the moisture content is instantly displayed on the large LCD. Accurate measurements from 8-30% moisture content (wet-based).


  • Instant Measurement
  • Pre-Calibrated Systems
  • Non-Destructive and Non-Invasive
  • Durable Construction and Ergonomic Design
  • Online moisture measurement, handheld and desktop instruments
  • Non-Contact Moisture Meters no contamination


Application: Grain Moisture Meter

Brand: KETT

Measuring Range: 10~ 20%

Operating Temperature: 0-50 Degree Celsius

Accuracy: 0.5%, 10~ 20%

Prices of Kett Grain Moisture Meter

  $645.00- $2,795.00


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