Kifco is a family-owned manufacturing company located in Havana, IL. and is the leading provider of traveling irrigation systems.  Kifco has dominated the hard-hose traveller industry since its inception with their portable irrigation system, the Water-Reel. Kifco’s irrigation travellers meet the needs of most applications, including sports field irrigation, managing dust suppression on construction sites and in horse arenas and agricultural irrigation.

Uses of Kifco Water Reel

Just park your Water-Reel at one end of your field, pull the gun cart (sprinkler) to the other end of the field, turn your water on and the machine pulls (retracts) the cart back along the irrigated path

Specifications Kifco Water Reel

Tube Inner Diameter Length: 1.1″x280′

Irrigation Width:68 – 118′

Irrigated Length: 314 – 339′

Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 0.5 – 0.9

Drive System: Bellows

GPM Range: 4 – 27

Inlet PSI Range: 45 – 103

Hours Per Full Run: 2.3 – 14

Sprinkler Included: SIME K1 or SIME Silver Tube Inner

Optional Solar Panel: Kifco Model E140 can be equipped with a highly efficient solar panel which eliminates the need for an electrical charge.

Prices of Kifco Water Reel

$121.15- $1,100.00/3,500.00

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