Kubota Bx Attachments

18-45 HPLand Pride’s AG15 Series entry level Arena Graders are ideal for hobbyists and enthusiasts. The Cat 1 hitch is quick hitch compatible and ties into a 2″ x 2″ square tube frame. The end tubes are 2″ x 3″. The S-tines feature replaceable tips. Behind the two rows of S-tines is a five-position leveling bar to smooth the soil. The job is finished with either a pipe or mesh roller to break clods and fluff the soil. The working depth is 4″ and is set by a simple ratchet handle, a Land Pride exclusive feature.

With an overall length similar to a standard ride on mower, the BX Series is easy to drive and offers smooth operation even in the tightest spaces. Due to its compact size, the BX Series is also incredibly gentle on turf. Rugged and sturdy four wheel drive (4WD) provides powerful traction for heavy duty front loader work and operating other implements. Clever reverse air flow design sees the radiator mounted in the middle of the tractor. Air is drawn from the operator’s area and pushed forward. This keeps grass from clogging the radiator grill, and prevents hot air from blowing onto the operator. Choice of turf, bar or industrial tyres.

Features of Kubota Bx Attachments

  • Bolted Design: Tractor bucket teeth’ s inside width is 72″, suitable for most loaders. It uses bolted design and plays the role of connection and fixation. Each handle and socket is equipped with a 5/8 “set screw, you can use a 5/16” hexagon wrench to set the screw.
  • Replaceable Tooth: The bucket tooth bar is equipped with 8 teeth, the clearance is 9.84″, which is replaceable and interchangeable. Generally, the broken part of the bucket tooth is a tooth tip, which means that you can replace a broken tooth instead of buying a brand new track.
  • Protective Coating: The surface of the bucket tooth bar is treated with a metal protective coating, which insulates the metal from the air and keeps other substances from reacting with the metal. It exempts from wearing, rusting, and corrosion, thus extending the service life.
  • Q345 Steel Alloy: The loader bucket tooth bar adopts Q345 steel material, also known as alloy steel, which has higher strength than carbon steel. Its low carbon content and low alloying element content effectively penetrate compacted soil and other materials.
  • Wide Application: The tooth bar for the tractor bucket is widely used in digging loose soil and loading sand, turf, gravel, and other working environments. They are usually fit for urban construction, mining, railway lines, roads, hydropower projects, and other buildings.

Uses/benefits of Kubota Bx Attachments

  • Powered by rugged Kubota engines, renowned worldwide for their exceptional reliability and durability.
  • Featuring a 2 range hydrostatic transmission and equipped with twin operating pedals for exceptional handling even when frequent changes of speed and direction are required.
  • Hydraulic power steering offers effortless control while reducing operator fatigue.
  • Equipped with a hydraulically controlled Category 1 3-point hitch (optional on BX23S).


Brand NameVEVOR
Item ShapeSquare
Item Weight95.0 pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Model NumberTooth Bar 72”
Number of Items1

Prices of Kubota Bx Attachments

$378.97 – $7,742.00

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