Kubota Chain Harvester Price

Single Maneuvering Lever:Such frequently used actions as making turns and adjusting Cutting Height require only simple movements of the Maneuvering Lever with the right hand. HST Transmission:The simple, stepless movement of the HST (Hydro-Static Transmission) Lever realizes the ideal speed for the specific conditions of job-at-hand.

In addition, switching the direction of movement between Forward and Reverse is easily accomplished.Optimal performance in a Variety of Conditions:In conditions of deep paddies featuring wider crawlers and light-weight body can harvest while making turns contributing to minimum idling time Further ,fallen crops are easily handled.

Uses/benefits of Kubota Chain Harvester

Harvesting is one of the most labor-intensive work in rice farming. With over 50 years of rich experience in harvesting mechanization, Kubota has become an industry specialist and thought leader in Asia. Our combine harvesters operate with speed and precision, giving our customers more profitability and long-term durability.

Features of Kubota Chain Harvester

The DC-93 is equipped with a high-powered engine of 93 HP, along with a maximum speed of 2.1m/s, increasing the speed in moving from one paddy field to another, significantly improving working rate. Additionally, the reaping width is designed to be wider than before (2.18 m) reduces the number of turns required and damage to the paddy fields, simultaneously, increasing the speed of work and improving working rate by about 20% compared to previous version of DC-70 Plus. DC-93 machine is equipped with wide crawlers increase the ground contact area, reduce ground contact pressure. Simultaneously, high lug crawlers ensure grip on the soil, avoiding slippage, sinking even on ill-drained paddy fields while moving to harvest, challenge all field conditions even muddy fields. Weather and field conditions are seem as the two concerned issues when starting to prepare for the harvesting stage of farmers, hence, choosing a harvester machine is capable to adapt to all field conditions is absolutely necessary. Kubota DC-93 Combine Harvester was developed to deal with these concerns. Thanks to the good mud flow feature, the DC-93 can work well even on ill-drained paddy fields up to 400 mm deep fields and capable of reaping fallen rice well.

Product Specification

Model Name/NumberDC-68G
Grain Tank Capacity1250 Litre
Fuel Tank Capacity60 Litre
Ground Clearance325mm
Machine Weight3200kg
Threshing SystemSpiked Tooth Axial Flow
Engine ModelV2403-M-DI-TE-CS1T
Cooling MethodWater Cooled
Displacement2.434 Litre
Output50.8 kW
Motor Speed2700rpm
Crawlers Width x Ground Contact Length500 x 1800mm
Crawlers Average Ground Contact Pressure17.4kPa
Traveling SpeedMedium: 0-1.23m/s,High: 0-1.75m/s
Harvesting Speed1.23m/s
SteeringClutch and Brake
Cutting Pickup Reel Diameter x Width900 x 1903mm
Cutting Height AdjustmentHydraulics
Cutting Gathering Length2075mm
Cutting Cutter Bar Length1980mm
Cutting Height Range-19-800mm
Threshing Cylinder Diameter x Length620 x 1650mm
Threshing Cylinder Revolutions560rpm
Threshing Cylinder Concave Area0.9m2
Threshing Cylinder Sieve Case Length x Width1375 x 840mm
Grain Discharge Height Range1.1-4.5m
Length of Grain Unloader3.66m
Turning Angle of Grain Unloader235 Degree
Grain Discharge Time Around90s
Electrical System12 Volts Battery Starting, Lighting Equipment, Alarms (Coolant Temperature, Battery Charge. Engine O
Harvesting Capacity5.75-10acre/day

Prices of Kubota Chain Harvester

$10,500.00 -$32,000.00

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