he kunekune (cooney cooney) is a small breed of domestic pig from New Zealand. Kunekune are hairy, with a rotund build and may have wattles hanging from their lower jaws. Their color ranges from black and white, to ginger, cream, gold-tip, black, brown and tricolored. nKunes are known for their extremely docile and friendly personality which is unmatched by any other breed of swine. Their short and upturned snouts make them suitable grazers and less prone to rooting found in other breeds

Kunekune pigs (pronounced “cooney cooney”) are a smart option for small farms. Kunekune means “fat and round” in the Maori language. These tasseled, sweet-tempered, medium-sized pigs hail from New Zealand. While no one knows for sure, they are thought to be a cross of Berkshire, Poland China and possibly Gloucester Old Spots among pigs from Indonesia. Females average 100 to 175 pounds, while males can reach the 200 to 250-plus range. They have short, upturned snouts that discour­age rooting, and they do not challenge fences. Kunekunes are grazing pigs and are able to grow on low inputs, making them an ideal breed during periods of escalating grain prices. Gourmet chefs in Los Angeles have declared Kunekune pork outstanding.


Pork is not the other white meat! Commercially raised pigs have long been bred for fast growth and lean muscle mass. Older, more traditional breeds (like Kunes) are slower growing but produce a much richer, redder meat. This is why we wait 14 to 18 months for our Kunes to grow to market weight as opposed to raising more traditional breeds that reach weight much faster. Kune meat from our farm will be deep pink to red, and marbled throughout with gorgeous, tasty fat. The meat is rich in flavor and high in nutrients, having grown primarily on grass, hay and garden produce.

Features of Kunekune Pig

Kune Kune are a heritage breed of pig originating in Asia & New Zealand. The name Kune Kune means ‘fat and round’ in Maori and they are known for their high quality meat and fat. The Kune Kune is smaller than other breeds of pig, rarely reaching 250 pounds.

One of the reasons we chose this breed is because they are known as the “Grazing Pig” and are extremely efficient on pasture. Unlike standard commercially raised pigs that are grown quickly on enormous amounts of grain feed, our pigs are rotated on pasture and supplemented with a minimal amount of fermented organic feed from Scratch and Peck (corn and soy free), as well as spent barley grains from SJ Brewery, apple mash from the SJ Distillery and of course lots of organic fruits and veggies from our farm. Although they are much slower maturing than standard commercially raised pigs, sometimes taking up to 18 months to reach market weight, this is one of the reasons their meat is a delicious, rich, red marbled meat, both rich in flavor and high in nutrients. We hope you will enjoy!

Kunekune Pig Price

If you are interested in a particular quantity and cut of pork please contact us to be sure we have it in stock. Due to USDA regulations all our meat is sealed and frozen immediately for quality and freshness.

Heritage Pork:

Loin chops $14.00/lb

Country Ribs $12.00/lb

Spare Ribs $11.00/lb

Shoulder, Picnic & Bone-In Leg Roasts $13.00/lb

Boneless Leg Roasts $15.00/lb

Pork belly $13.00/lb

Ground pork $12.00/lb

Breakfast, Sweet Italian & Hot Italian Bulk Sausage $14.00/lb

Leaf Lard $11.00/lb

Back Fat $9/lb

Hocks $10.00/lb

Offal $10.00/lb

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