Land Leveler For Tractor

Prominent features of laser land leveler: Control Box, Hydraulic Operated Scrapper, laser transmitter, Receiver, Wires Categories: Agricultural Equipment, Land developing equipment This tractor mounted High precision laser land leveler is used flooded or inclined lands. It is used with sensors on scrapper to carry land to close levelness or with slight inclination (according to necessity) . The Land Leveler and Grader’s from Titan Attachments are the perfect tool for landscaping and construction. Use the grader anytime gravel roads, parking lots, and driveways need maintenance. Perfect for clearing high patches and filling in the low spots. These 3 Point attachments are designed to connect to both Category 1 and 2, 3 Point hookups. Featuring 0.5-inch replaceable blades that are 6-inches wide, protecting the steel blade underneath.

Uses/benefits of Land Leveler For Tractor

  • Reduces the whole cost of the process in much less time through its efficiency by assuring the perfect amount of accuracy in the entire process
  • It results in harvest upgrade eventually by building sufficiency in the soil conditioner(humus) and by finding out uniform requirements for seed growth and harvest.

Features of Land Leveler For Tractor

  • UPDATED VERSION: The leveler is compatible with 7 scarifier teeth that are adjustable and great for ripping up to 5-inches of high packed dirt. Sold separate.
  • BOLT-ON REPLACEMENT BLADES: The 7-Foot Land Grader features steel blades that are protected by 0.5-inch-thick steel double-edged blades that are 6-inches wide. This allows you to continue to use the land leveler without having to worry about the product breaking down and leaving your job incomplete.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST TRACTORS: This attachment is made to fit tractors equipped with a Category 1 or Category 2, 3 Point systems. This type of connection is found on most tractors such as Kubota, New Holland, Ford, and more and does not require rear hydraulics or a PTO.
  • IDEAL FOR LANDSCAPING AND CONSTRUCTION: With the Land Lever and Grader, you are able to quickly clear high spots and fill in low patches on your gravel driveway, parking lot and dirt roads. The big width and depth of the attachment allows you to cover more area at a time making it ideal for all land leveling jobs.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Leveler is constructed using 0.375-inch structural steel at the 3 Point frame and support gussets. The body is made of 0.25-inch steel and is reinforced with 3.25 x 3.25-inch tubes made from 0.375-inch steel. Additionally, the implement is powder-coated red for a longer-lasting finish.


Grading Width70-in., 81-in., 94-in.
Overall Height40-in.
Overall Width75.5-in., 87.5-in., 99.5-in.
Overall Depth56-in.
Body Height17.5-in.
Length Between Blades17.25-in.
Shank Height18.125-in.
Shank Ripping Depth3-in. – 5-in.
Shanks Spacing12-in.
Shank Quantity6 – 8
3 Point Hitch TypeCat 1 and 2
Center to Center of Cat 1 Lower Lift Pins29.25-in.
Center to Center of Cat 2 Lower Lift Pins35.25-in.
FinishPowder-Coated Red
Product Weight607 lb., 663 lb., 723 lb.

Prices of Land Leveler For Tractor

$1,053.97 – $1,899.00

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