The grain services team at ALCIVIA keeps you profitable. We operate 17 federally licensed grain-handling facilities in Wisconsin with 35 million bushels of storage. Our facilities handle soft wheat, corn, and soybeans. That space, speed, and access to markets is a successful combination that drives profitability for our member owners. Through our state-of-the-art rail terminals, we can load rail cars faster than before, giving you more efficient transportation options and rail terminal experiences. With grain facilities throughout Wisconsin, ALCIVIA grain is a local and convenient option for grain storage and drying. We help you maximize profits and build harvest and transportation schedules that achieve your goals.

Many factors affect the markets, and almost all of these factors are unpredictable. Compare local grain bid prices in your area with cash bids. There are always opportunities to capture the market, capitalize on windows of opportunity to sell at a good price, and take action on your marketing plan with the help of your Grain Marketing Specialist.

Features of Landmark Corn

With 20+ locations across Ohio, a Heritage Cooperative® grain facility is never far away. Between our well-trained employees and well-maintained equipment, our goal is to get you unloaded and back on the road as quickly as possible. Many of our locations are open extra hours during harvest season to keep local combines rolling.
Just as importantly, however, is that your Heritage grain team works for you, our farmer-owners. It’s in our best interest to get you the highest possible price for your grain. Our traders are in the market every day, and bring years of grain marketing experience to bear on your behalf. 


Product nameYellow Corn Meal
Water content1%max
Warranty12 month
UsageMake porridge cook rice bird food millet
Storage methodKeep in a cool, dry place

Prices of Landmark Corn

 $3800-$4000 / Metric Ton

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