Leerburg’s dog training equipment is the perfect accessory for any dog owner. Whether you’re a professional trainer or just a beginner, you can use our products to make your experience with your dog more enjoyable.

Leerburg Dog Training Equipment is a family-run business that has been providing dog trainers and owners with the best in training equipment for over 20 years. We focus on helping you build strong relationships with your dogs, using positive reinforcement and operant conditioning.

Leerburg Dog Training Equipment

If you are looking for some dog training equipment, you have come to the right place. From Snap Open Bait Bags to Target sticks, Leerburg has a product to fit your needs. These items will help you train your dog to follow commands and be more attentive. Whether you are training your first dog or an old pro, these training tools will help your pooch achieve success.

Martingale collars

Martingale collars for dog training help to prevent your dog from pulling out of the leash and getting out of control. They are designed to tighten when the dog pulls and automatically loosen when they stop. This helps the dog associate the uncomfortable feeling with pulling and trains it not to pull.

Dogs are notorious for pulling out of leashes when distracted, which makes using a martingale collar an effective way to prevent this problem. These collars tighten when your dog pulls, which makes it easier to control them until they learn the right manners. They are also designed to be adjustable, which makes them great for training.

Martingale collars are made of heavy-duty nylon for durability and safety. They also have box stitching at pressure points to increase their strength. This nylon collar is soft to prevent irritation and is durable enough to withstand rough treatment. It can also withstand moisture and humidity, so getting it wet will not affect its sturdiness.

Another type of martingale collar is the limited-slip martingale collar. This type of dog collar is ideal for narrow-headed dogs. It can also be used on dogs who back out of their collars and pull on their leashes. The martingale collar also prevents dogs from choking and neck injuries.

Unlike other dog training collars, martingale collars are not designed to choke dogs. Their purpose is to make the dog uncomfortable enough to stop them from pulling. However, they should not be used if the dog pulls too hard. It could cause bruising. You should always use caution while using martingale collars.

To properly fit a martingale collar, measure the dog’s neck and head with a soft tape measure. This way, you can ensure that the collar fits snugly and securely. If it is too loose, the dog may be unable to get out of it. However, if the collar is correctly adjusted, the dog won’t choke.

Before using a martingale collar for dog training, make sure that you get the right size. A martingale collar should be large enough to slip over the head and neck and have about two fingers of space between the small loop and your dog’s neck. Putting it on the head of a sighthound may prevent them from backing out of the collar. However, if the dog is prone to back out, a wider padded martingale may be more effective.

A martingale collar for dog training is a double-looped collar that is made from a sturdy fabric. It is often referred to as a Greyhound collar, but it is useful in training other breeds as well. A martingale collar is especially useful for sighthounds because their necks are very wide and can easily slip out of a buckle collar.

Snap Open Bait Bag

This bag is a convenient training aid that makes it easy to carry treats for your dog during training sessions. It is made of nylon and snaps open with a French hinge. It is also washable. Trainers can wipe off the inside and outside of the bag with a damp cloth. It can accommodate a variety of treats, a ball, or both. It has an adjustable belt for a custom fit.

The “Bait Bag” requires cleaning and lubrication but it is a better option than many other training pouches. It also features an easy-to-use wire snap that opens and closes with a simple snap, much like a coin purse snap. However, it is more expensive than other training pouches on the market.

Unlike other treat pouches, the Leerburg Snap Open Bait Bag is easy to clean and easy to use. It opens and closes quickly with a snap of one hand, and it fits a large number of treats. Additionally, it is comfortable for the dog. While many treat bags tend to fall out when the dog jumps, the Snap Open Bait Bag prevents this from happening and gives you quick access to treats.

Target stick

A targeting stick is a simple but effective training tool. When a dog looks at the stick, the owner says YES and rewards the animal. Some targeting sticks also have a small ball at the end. The procedure is repeated until the dog knows to look at the stick when the owner holds it out.

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