A revolutionary manure robot for dense barn floors A cleaner floor results in cleaner hooves The Discovery Collector is specifically designed for barns with solid floors and takes a revolutionary diverse approach when compared to traditional manure scrapers. The Collector does not push manure, but vacuums it. This makes the build-up of manure – in which cows stand – a thing of the past. This not only makes for a cleaner floor, it also ensures the cows’ hooves remain cleaner. This improves both cow health and the well-being of the animals.

A comfortable experience for the cows The cows – and yourself – will experience little to no hindrance from the Discovery. The machine does not require cables or gutters. This ensures a more secure living environment for the cows. Thanks to its compact design the Discovery can easily navigate in between the cows, , the sorting gates and around the cubicle passages and waiting area. Water for added results and increased safety Cows are more likely to display their natural behaviour in a clean environment.


The manure scraper cleans the barn floor 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. At the times and along the route you choose yourself, without causing a disturbance to the cows. This gives you a clean barn in which you can work enjoyably and safely.


        1, ZD-E1100A type automatic glue scraping grinding machine, simple operation, convenient maintenance,  low after-sales cost.

        2, beautiful: unique shape design, the body material for 3MM steel plate baking paint, beautiful and generous, stable and durable.

       3, safety: the machine is equipped with an emergency stop switch, convenient to stop power off at any  time;The grinding wheel is equipped with a grinding wheel protection cover to prevent accidental wounding;When grinding wheel is grinding, dust suction fan absorbs the dust from grinding to protect the  respiratory health of operators.

       4. Application: This machine is suitable for domestic and imported scraping adhesive for screen printing. It  is widely used for scraping knife grinding in screen printing industry, such as packaging, advertising, glass, ceramics, electronic accessories, surface printing, etc


UsageAnimal Manure Removal System
CertificateCE ISO9001
Packagewooden box with foam inside or carton box
Delivery time7-15 days after receive your deposit
Working life10 years

Prices of Lely Robotic Scraper :

$2,900.00 – $8,500.00

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