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Lettuce Seeds No need to be stifled by the supermarkets’ bleak selections of iceberg or romaine – let our wide variety of lettuce seeds introduce you to a whole new exciting salad experience! Dress up your dinner table with crisp Little Gem, or savor the buttery goodness of Tom Thumb or Buttercrunch. Your salad bowl will never be the same after you grow colorful varieties such as Prizehead, Bronze Mignonette or Ruby lettuce seeds. Lettuce is an easy to grow winter vegetable that is loved for its variety of color and flavor. Grow lettuce seeds and see for yourself what all the buzz is about! Our Lettuce Seeds are on sale, by the packet or in bulk!

Features of Lettuce Seeds

1. Early maturity.
2. Few side leaves, jade-green.
3. There are incisions on the leaf edge, head overlapping, nearly round shape, heading is hardness.
4. Output is 2000-3000 kg/667m2.
5. It takes about 45-50 days from transplanting to harvesting.

Cultivation point

Seed should be sown thinly in rows 1 foot apart; for leaf types, thin plants (see: Guide to Thinning Your Seedlings)to 2-3 inches apart, then thin again by pulling every other plant when half grown. This will encourage thickly developed plants. For head types, space rows 18 inches apart, plants 8-10 inches apart. Closer spacing results in smaller heads, which may be preferable for small families. Specialty growers are spacing lettuce very close for selling baby lettuces, a rapidly growing produce market

1)Use potassium permanganate liquid to steep seeds about 10mins, then water them clean and steep the seeds in warm water for about 6 hours,then clean the seeds and made them dryer,then gemmate the seeds at 25C temperature.
2)Need nutrient soil and sterilize the seedling bed;
3)Then transplant the seeds,and make sure of enough water;
4)Plant seed by seed and notice to fertilizer,timely use pesticide;
1)This variety can’t be used a second time;
2)Due to the different climate, soil and planting method, so the plants are different;
3)In order to keep the quality of the seeds, they need to be stored or kept at a cool, low temperature place.

Product Specification

Packaging Size10gram packet
Packaging Typepacket
Pack TypeBag
BrandRijk Zwaan
Pack Size1000 seed per pack
Minimum Order Quantity1 packet

Prices of Lettuce Seeds

$6.95-$9.95/ Bag

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