Weed control today is getting harder and harder. Liberty is an effective weed control that will help with those weeds that just won’t go away.It is fast acting and kills weeds in days not weeks. The guidelines for using Liberty are extremely simple! Liberty Application Guidelines 1.start clean and stay clean 2.Target less than 3-inch weeds 3.optimize coverage 4.pair with residuals Liberty’s active ingredient is a group 10 herbicide, which is the only broad-spectrum herbicide that effectively controls grasses and broadleaf weeds, and it has no known resistance in U.S. broadacre crops.


Interline herbicide is a non-selective herbicide for the control of existing weeds, including some of the most challenging glyphosate resistant weeds now invading row crops – pigweed, waterhemp, and ragweed.  Utilizing a unique mode of action, Interline inhibits glutamine production in the weeds which leads to a breakdown in photosynthesis.  

Interline can be used as a burndown treatment in key labeled crops, but its showcase application is as an over-the-top treatment for weed control in glufosinate tolerant crops – including LibertyLink®varieties. 

Past cropping seasons may have proved difficult to get a supply of Liberty or glufosinate for over-the-top use.   But now, with UPL’s new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India, we are committed to bringing the quality volume you need to the market.   Helping you produce, and yield a quality crop.

Features of Liberty Herbicide

Liberty 280 SL Herbicide – 2.5 Gallon is a non-selective herbicide that provides control of a broad spectrum of broadleaf and grassy weeds.

Also, it is a cost-effective option that controls difficult-to-manage weeds while providing unsurpassed crop safety for use:

  • as a burndown treatment prior to planting or prior to emergence of canola, corn, sweet corn, cotton, soybean, and sugar beet. 
  • post emergence weed control herbicide to be applied on LibertyLink (LL) crops including LL canola, LL soybeans, LL corn, LL sweet corn, and LL cotton
  • post emergence weed control herbicide to be applied on cotton with a hooded sprayer only

Uses/benefits of Liberty Herbicide

  • Designed for all LibertyLink® crops — canola, corn, cotton and soybeans
  • Flexible across many soybean trait platforms
  • Broad spectrum control of broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • Excellent for management of key weeds like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, kochia, ragweed and marestail, including those that have become resistant to other herbicides

Prices of Liberty Herbicide

 $64.00- $249.95

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