Lightweight Grapple For Compact Tractor

Transporting debris, grooming the lawn, and moving parts – no more trouble now! Put away the shovel and let your tractor do the whole task. A lightweight grapple attachment lets you dig out the stubborn roots, stumps, and trees. It is useful equipment for builders, construction workers, farmers and homeowners, and ranches with wooden properties. No more back or body strain while digging! Avail the right support by adding a reliable grapple to your tractor tools and parts. The grapple mounts on the tractor can pick up any material easily. Bring the convenience to perform the time-consuming task efficiently.

It is designed to be a lightweight grapple for compact tractors, more affordable as well. It’s got six slats at the bottom, about 9 inches apart and 24 inches long. This build is optimized to pick up and carry things that aren’t going to slip through, including 10 inches or irregular shaped rocks and logs. This grapple is very durable with gusseted teeth and high-quality tubular steel cross-sections if applied correctly. With a weight at just 450 pounds, it is suitable for smaller skid steering tractors. Because of not having sides, its open-ended design allows you to carry loads that are longer than 48-inch width. The single lid is made of 3/8-inch thick plastic, reinforced with bracelets. It is powered by a single 3,000 PSI cylinder and is opened to a height of 34 inches. As for a lightweight and quite compact design, this grapple is not suitable for commercial grade jobs or heavy tasks like uprooting trees, scraping rocks or roots from the ground.

Features of Lightweight Grapple For Compact Tractor

The complete MTL line is built in the USA, by hard working families living in the USA  

  • High Strength Steel A36
  • 3/8″ Steel sides – middles – Uppers
  • NEW – Grease Fiting on all Moveable parts
  • NEW Industry largest opening – 41″ fully open
  • Triple Pointed Upper Tong
  • double 3/8″ steel serrated teeth
  • 3045 PSI lines
  • Nylon hose protectors included !!
  • ½” Flat Face or Pioneer style AG Couplers (typically for tractors) included at no charge extra
  • Hydraulic Hoses included
  • Hydraulic Cylinder 2″ x 10″
  • 32″ total Depth
  • Weight: Approx 350 lbs. for the 48″ – 385 for the 60” model
  • Full size quick attach mount


grappl bucket model040372040384041272
overall length925mm925mm980mm
overall width1848mm2135mm1845mm
opening height910mm910mm980mm
closing height705mm705mm520mm

Prices of Lightweight Grapple For Compact Tractor


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