Irrigating your square, rectangular and oddly shaped fields isn’t a problem! Valley® linear irrigation machines offer you great advantages not found in other farm irrigation methods advantages that can increase your field’s potential and your profitability. Linears travel back and forth across your field, instead of around a central point as a center pivot does. Linears are one of the most efficient forms of farm irrigation irrigating up to 98% of your field! And, linears do more than just irrigate they can also provide your farm management program with chemigation, fertigation and germination, and decreases leaching that can occur through other irrigation methods.

Uses of Linear Irrigation System

Linear Irrigation System is the artificial application of water to the soil through various systems of tubes, pumps, and sprays. Irrigation is usually used in areas where rainfall is irregular or dry times or drought is expected. There are many types of irrigation systems, in which water is supplied to the entire field uniformly.

Types of Linears

Two wheel

A two wheel linear is an example of an ideal irrigation system for smaller fields. It is available for both hose feed and ditch feed water delivery and is able to provide maximum water application. Because a ditch feed linear’s flexible suction fits in nearly any functioning earth ditch, your investment will be kept low and you won’t have to install a new container to hold your irrigation water. This type of irrigation can have below-ground cable, furrow, or GPS guidance.

Ditch feed

Ditch feed irrigation uses an earth ditch or concrete canal as a water source, and can have above- or below-ground cable, furrow, or GPS guidance. This type of irrigation is ideal for longer fields or fields that may already have a ditch beside it.  

Hose feed

Hose feed irrigation, like ditch feed, can have above- or below-ground cable, furrow, or GPS guidance, but uses water from a pressurized pipeline. This would be ideal for smaller fields because the hose will not be dragged as far as for a longer field, which could require more maintenance.


This type of linear is designed for swing-around applications and is available for hose feed or ditch feed. These linears are ideal for ‘L’ shaped fields, or unconventionally shaped fields that are not able to be irrigated by a center pivot. Universal linears can irrigate while swinging around, and can be towed from field to field. 


Maximize irrigated acres using one machine.Irrigate L-shaped fields.Reduce labor costs up to 90% compared to traditional irrigation methods such as gated pipe.Only system in the industry to utilize real-time speed feedback for accurate speed control.Speed Sensors in the hydraulic motors at each end tower.Versatile tractor platform can be adapted to several water feed and guidance options.

Prices of Linear Irrigation System

US$100.00-US$130.00/ Meter


US$7,400.00-US$100,000.00/ Set

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