An ear tag is a plastic or metal object used for identification of domestic livestock and other animals. If the ear tag uses Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology it is referred to as an electronic ear tag. Electronic ear tags conform to international standards ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 working at 134.2 kHz, as well as ISO/IEC 18000-6C operating in the UHF spectrum. There are other non-standard systems such as Destron working at 125 kH. Ear tagging and ear marking are used to identify livestock. Ear tagging is an essential part of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) and ear marking or notching is a mandatory requirement in some states. It also has business benefits by enabling livestock to be identified on-farm, leading to improved management.

Tagging is an important part of animal identification, but must be done properly. Tagging an animal is very similar to a human getting their ears’ pierced. Learn how to properly tag your animals and maintain proper care afterward.

Tagging Precautions

  1. Tags placed too far outside of the recommended position are prone to snagging and may be easily torn out.
  2. Tags placed too far inside of the recommended position may cause pinching and/or necrosis.
  3. Inspect the applicator pin to ensure the tip is in good condition (Figure 7). If the tip is bent or broken, insert replacement pin (Figure 8).
  4. Check alignment by closing the jaws of the applicator to the point where the two tag halves meet; the stud should be centered within the button hole.
  5. Note that when using EID tags in Oklahoma, the number printed on the visual panel tag (male portion) should correspond and match (Figure 9) with the 15-digit number on the electronic tag button (female portion). There should be limited opportunity for error because they are nested or stored in the same package.

Uses/benefits of Livestock Ear Tagger:

  • Available for Cattle, Calves, Sheep and Goat
  • Optimizes healing time
  • Alao Available In Orange, Green, Blue, etc.
  • Ensures better retention rate

Features of Livestock Ear Tagger:

  • DURABLE MATERIAL: This ear tag tool made of quality alloy with stainless steel clamp, durable and rust-proof;
  • WIDELY USED: A good helper tool for the farmer, suitable for many kinds of pig sheep goat cattle ear tags;
  • LOCK DESIGN: There a lock button that you can keep the ear tag pliers open or closed; product length: 9.84″;
  • NON-SLIP: Nice hand grip; stainless steel spring, great elasticity for labor-saving;
  • WE ARE HERE TO HELP: We always stand behind our products, feel free to contact us if you need any help with this cattle ear tag pliers.
  • Ear Tag Plier
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Livestock Tagger DIY Tool
  • This ear tag can be used in sign small size livestock or animals, such as pig, sheep, goat, deer, dog, and so on

Product Specification:

Usage/ApplicationAnimal Identification
Packaging TypeBox
Rotation360 Degree Rotation

Prices of Livestock Ear Tagger:

$16.99 – $46.99

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