Livestock Scales For Pigs Livestock producers utilize Osborne’s innovative ACCU-ARM® Scales for easy, fast and accurate weighing of a variety of farm animals. Our “rock solid,” animal-friendly scales use precision levers to reduce sway and bounce and are completely cable-free. With Osborne’s Scales, the entire operation of weighing is more efficient and less stressful—for both you and your livestock!Pig Weighing Scales Tamil Nadu, White Pig Weighing Scales for Sales, Piglets Weighing Scales, Nursery Weighing Scales, Piggery Farm, Vet Deck Floor Scales, Weighing Scales for Animal Husbandry, Pig Farmers Association, Pork Producers, White Pig Growers, Pork Factory, Large White Yorkshire pigs Weighing Scales, Digital Duroc Pigs Weighing Scales, Exotic Pig Breed Weighing Scales, Swine Weighing Scales, Weighing Scales for Swine Unit, Berkshire Pigs Platform Weighing Scales, Hogs Weighing Scales for Sale, Weighing Equipment Supplies for Pig Farms, White Pig Weighing Scales, Weighing Scale for Pig Farmers.

Our exclusive weigh-arm system is modular and can be center-mounted or moved to the side to permit complete access to livestock for medical treatments or ultrasound measurements. Scales are built for long service and dependable accuracy. With so many options to choose from, you can custom design a scale to meet your specific requirements. The WayPig® 300 market hog scale can be used as a stationary or portable (requires optional wheel kit, SKU# 79306) scale to accurately weigh grown pigs to effectively sort and manage hogs that are ready for harvest. The entire floor surface serves as the scale and features a hydraulic dampening system to extend scale life, minimize equipment noise and keep animals calm while being weighed.

Uses/benefits of Livestock Scales For Pigs:

• 300 pound total capacity
• Weighs in 1 pound increments
• Durable steel construction with green epoxy finish
• Large, stainless steel scale head is accurate and easy to read

Features of Livestock Scales For Pigs:

Heavy-duty MS Platform With Rugged Structure.
Cage Set-up with Front & Back Door Options.
4 Load cell System (Corner Loadcell)
Works on Both AC & Built in Rechargeable Battery saving features
Bright JUMBO LED GREEN Display
Zero/Tare to deduct weight of mattress or pad on platform.
Portable and Compact Design Model.
Build in Rechargeable Battery
Standard RS232 Interface Optional
Customized size available
Easy Installation with leveling feet

Specification of Livestock Scales For Pigs:

ModelSpecification(mxm)Max Capacity
PC1520-31.5 x 2.03~10t
PC2030-32.0 x 3.0
PC2040-32.0 x 4.03~10t

Prices of Livestock Scales For Pigs:

$319.99 – $1,042.69

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