Livestock scales are used on farms. There it is often necessary to weigh the livestock. Especially heavier animals do not allow performing a weighing with common scales, since they often more likely reach their limit. That is why these livestock scales are to apply. They are designed for the natural conditions on farms and barns. Dirt, filth and humidity do no harm to these livestock scales. The livestock scales are often fenced scales into which the animal can be driven The livestock scales help providing precise data, since the animal can not escape and thus falsify the results.

When weighing cattle and livestock you want to be sure that the scale you are using is accurate, durable, convenient, and most importantly, animal friendly. It is of great importance to assure that your cattle is of the appropriate weight, healthy and stable for your cattle needs. At Arlyn Scales, we understand the needs of ranchers, veterinarians, and experts in animal husbandry. Whether you need to monitor feed consumption or how the gestation period of an expecting female is progressing, we offer scales that are not only precise but also rugged and comfortable for both animals and their handlers.

Uses/benefits of Livestock Weighing Scales:

Stainless steel bracket, easy for wall mounting. X3AC with backlit FSTN LCD display, the weight can be read clearly even in the sun, X3ARM with OIML/EC Type approval. All indicators with built-in rechargeable battery, animal weighing function, hold, accumulating, kg/lb units, x10 accuracy, counting, zero,tare, printing, etc. Default with RS232 connector, optionof Bluetooth or WiFi.

Features of Livestock Weighing Scales:

  • Accuracy – You can get an exact picture of the performance of your livestock.
  • Control – Information is power. You can make informed decisions regarding what action to take, when and how.
  • Profitability – Taking calculated actions to improve the performance of each individual animal.
  • Sturdy indicator with vivid, back-light LCD easily visible in any lighting conditions
  • Walk-in scale type made of durable materials
  • Sensibility/Precision: 1kg
  • Delivery date 4-6 weeks
  • Type: Fixed System
  • Dimension: 207 x 98,5 x Height 131 cm
  • Capacity: 2.000 kg
  • Mobile: None
  • Material: NPU and Box Profile
  • Base: Parallelogram Pattern Sheet
  • Country of Origin: Turkey (Europe)

Specification of Livestock Weighing Scales:

Part No.100779
Size 3050 x 725 x 1740mm

Prices of Livestock Weighing Scales:

$500.00 – $1,000.00

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