Lucky Dog Training Dummies are the best training dummies on the market. These dummies are made for dogs of all sizes, from small to large. They can be used for many different types of training and are perfect for obedience training, agility training, or even just playing around with your dog.

This dummy is made out of durable rubber that won’t hurt your dog’s mouth while they chew on it. The dummy is also weighted so it will not tip over easily during playtime. It also floats in water so you can use it in a pool if needed.

These dummies will help you get your dog to stop barking, chewing, and pulling on the leash. The dummies are great for getting your pooch to stop jumping up on people, too. When you use Lucky Dog Training Dummies, your dog will get a burst of excitement every time they bring back the dummy. This is how you teach them that good behavior gets rewarded.

Lucky Dog Training Dummies

Lucky Dog Training Dummies are an essential part of your dog’s training equipment. They’ll provide your dog with the necessary exercise and motivation to improve his or her behavior. Fortunately, there are many different options available for dummies. You can choose from the Kong Company’s SportDOG plastic dummies or the Pawboy Dead Fowl concept.

SportDOG plastic dummies

Using SportDOG plastic dummies for Lucky dog training is a great way to keep your dog engaged and motivated during training sessions. These dummies are made of high-visibility orange so they are easy to spot against most backgrounds. Your Lucky dog will know what to expect when you throw the dummy against him or her.

SportDOG plastic dummies come in a range of sizes and colors. The standard size is two inches across and three inches long. They are available in a range of colors, including black and orange. They also come in a weighted design to make them easy to throw.

LuckyDog plastic dummies are ideal for training on the water as well. Due to their buoyancy and high visibility, Lucky Dog dummies are especially good for training in water. These dummies come in several different sizes and can be filled with water. The dummies are durable, soft, and non-toxic.

SportDOG plastic dummies are also excellent for retrieving and casting drills. They are sturdy and can withstand repeated use. They are also featured in many dog training publications and programs. ProStaff trainers, including Tom Dokken, use SportDOG products. They are also affordable and easy to clean.

Pawboy Dead Fowl concept

If you’re looking for a training dummy for your dog that’s a little more realistic than the traditional, lightweight variety, look no further than the Pawboy Dead Fowl. Made of hard plastic with a duck head mounted on one end, this dummy can be used on land and in water. There’s also an option to add lead weights to increase the dummy’s throwing distance. These dummies look just like real birds and can be used as a tool to train your dog to retrieve.

Kong Company

The Kong Company offers a variety of different training dummies. These toys are made for different kinds of dogs. Some dogs are more suited to hand feeding and others to puzzle toys. The dummies come in different sizes. Small dummies are ideal for smaller dogs while larger ones are suitable for large dogs.

Traditional dummies used to be one size fits all, but nowadays they come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Some dummies are made of plastic while others are made of fabric. They are designed to fit dogs of different shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Some even come with a rope handle to make them easier to throw.


Lucky Dog’s sport-n-dog dummies are the perfect addition to any training routine. Made of high-visibility orange, these dummies are easy to see against any background. Your dog will definitely notice them. Throwing them to the dog will be a fun activity for both of you.

Lucky Dog dummies are available in three different colors. These plastic dummies feature a valve so that they can be adjusted for buoyancy and weight. They also have knobs that prevent dummies from sticking in a dog’s mouth. There are regular and jumbo sizes available.

Lucky Dog dummies are a great way to teach your dog new tricks. Traditionally, dummies were one-size-fits-all, but now they are available in a wide variety of sizes, including small and large. Moreover, they are made of fabric or plastic, making them ideal for dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

Dummies are available in different colors and materials. Dummies in white and orange are the most visible and are especially effective when thrown against dark backgrounds. Similarly, orange dummies train your dog to use its nose to follow the dummy’s scent after reaching the fall zone. They can also be used in winter months because they’re easier to detect against the snow.

PAC Posi-Grip

A Lucky Dog Posi-Grip training tummy is a great tool for teaching your dog to hold a soft object with a soft mouth. This training dummy is made of soft, pliable plastic and contains s-grips that allow your dog to grasp it with a softer grip. The dummy is available in two sizes, two inches, and three inches. It comes in black, orange, and white. It is an affordable training dummy to purchase for your dog.

Using a dummy will help your dog develop a soft grip, which will prevent your dog from slipping when it is grabbing it. The dummy also comes with a built-in foam pad that will keep its scent and provide buoyancy. The dummy comes in different sizes, from small to large, so you’ll need one that’s the right size for your dog.

The dummy you use depends on your dog’s size and temperament. In the past, training dummies were one-size-fits-all, but today’s dummies come in a wider range of sizes. Some are made from plastic and others are made of fabric.

Depending on the level of sophistication you’re looking for, you can buy a dummy that looks and behaves like a real game bird. Some can even move, allowing your dog to mimic the real animal. A dummy can cost as little as a few dollars or as much as several hundred.

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