Mahindra Tractor Attachments

Maximize your versatility and work smarter, not harder with the perfect complement to the World’s #1 Selling Farm Tractors*. (Farm tractors per AEM definition. 2018 data including all Mahindra Group brand sales.) Your selection of tools is just as important as the selection of your tractor – a 1 hour job shouldn’t take all weekend – and at Mahindra, we have a simple approach to selecting attachments and implements for your tractor to help you GET YOUR WORK DONE. Your Mahindra dealer is ready to help you choose the best implement package for your needs – whether it’s digging trenches, moving rocks, dirt or materials, Mahindra helps you transform the land you own into the land you love. Get your work done with Mahindra implements that are perfect to handle any job you need to tackle. You can count on us to stand behind our products with our knowledgeable people and support services to ensure that you are satisfied with your Mahindra purchase for years to come.

Tractors are powerful machines, but unless you have attachments on it, it’s really just an engine with wheels. However, as soon as you add towing hitches, a power take off, and some sort of mounting bracket system, you can install various implements to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. While that might sound expensive, it’s really essential to making your tractor purchase worthwhile. Not to mention, it’s a relatively low price to pay when compared to how much you invested in your tractor and other farm equipment. At Cliff Jones Mahindra Tractors, we sell a number of great implements that we really think you must have in order to use your tractor to its full potential. We’ll list what we think are the top ten here, so if you want to purchase any or look at the rest of our selection, come visit us in Sealy, where we serve customers from Houston, TX.

Types of Mahindra Tractor Attachments

Mower or Cutter

A Rear Blade

A Box Blade

Post Hole Digger

Rotary Tiller


Land Plane


Pallet Fork


Features of Mahindra Tractor Attachments

1.Factory with 20 years farm tractor manufacture experence ensure the products quality.
2.Two years warranty period.
3.For easy-damage parts, we will send you together with the tractor for free.
4.During warranty period, free spare parts for quality-problem spare parts replacement.
5.Multi-selection of configuration.

Specification of Mahindra Tractor Attachments

Product ModelHX454
Wheel Drive4×4(4×2)
Front Wheel Tread(mm)850,960,1000,1100,1200,1300 adjustable
R Wheet Tread(mm)960-1300 unlimited adjustable
Wheet Base(mm)1750
Minimum Land Clearance(mm)330(340)
Gear Shifts8F+2R
Tyre Size9.5–24/650–16(9.5-24/550-16)

Prices of Mahindra Tractor Attachments


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