Manual Milking Machine For Cows

Manual Milking Machine For Cows These machines have an extensive demand in dairy farms for the assimilation of milk more effectively in very less time without any spillage.These machines are widely demanded in the market for their user friendly design and high efficiency. We design these machines in compliance with latest industrial norms by utilizing advanced technology, thus making them precisely designed and superior finished.Automatic milking machine is the milking of dairy animals, especially of dairy cattle, without human labour. Milking machine milker for farm cows bucket stainless steel bucket. Changing from hand to machine milking has many benefits including. Require little maintenance and are easy to operate. Some of the advantages of milking machines are:- Saving of labour expenses. Reduction of dependency on skilled farm workers. Enables rearing of larger herd strength. 3-4 times faster than hand milking. Increase in the milk yield. Increase in the quality of milk. Reduces stress throughout the lactation by creating good milking routines.

Uses/benefits Manual Milking Machine For Cows:

The Manual hand operated machine of Sridevi Traders will extract the milk from the four teats equally at a time so the cattle will recognize the difference of the milking and also the cattle has to adapt to the machine to its daily practice so it will take 8 to 10 days for a cattle to adapt fully to the machine. Suppose if there is any 100ml to 150ml of milk has not been extracted finally, you have to create the vacuum pressure up to the same -400PSI or -15PSI and pull the junction box downwards or keep the hand on the square rubber which is in between the tap and junction box and press downwards so that milk will be extracted fully. Most important point to be taken This Vacuum machine is advised to use for only soft teats and not for hard teats in both cows, buffalos and goats.

Features of Manual Milking Machine For Cows:

  • The cup body is made of food grade pure raw material, the inner wall is smooth, transparent and uniform, easy to clean, the material is tough, light and durable, not easy to break, good sealing, cup body temperature -20 ° C ~ +120 ° C.
  • Do not put the product near an open flame or near a high temperature, which will damage the texture of the product surface.
  • This Manual Milking Machine is versatile, easy to carry and can be used in a variety of locations.ut the product near an open flame or near a high temperature, which will damage the texture of the product surface.
  • Use for milking; souring and transporting fresh milk from cows in dairy farm.
  • Capacity is 3L/0.8 Gallon with Double Head Milker Inflation. A good helper for farmer.
  • Easy to operate
  • Milking machine complete with power generate system (vgs)
  • Low maintainance
  • Safe milking of cow/buffaloes is a requirement across rural india
  • Pleasant to the animal owing to its simulating call sucking operation
  • Uniform Milking
  • Ensures hygiene and udder health
  • Help to produce better milk quality
  • Available in fixed type and mobile/trolley type
  • Eco-friendly equipment

Product Specification:

BrandSridevi Traders
Milk Extraction Applicable toCow, Buffalo
No Of Buckets1.0
Automation GradeManual
Productivity1-10 cows/hour
Model Name/NumberSDT00001
I Deal InNew Only
Max. Vacuum Pressure500.00 pounds_per_square_inch
Operating Vacuum Pressure15.00 pounds_per_square_inch

Prices of Manual Milking Machine For Cows:

 $ 180-300 – $2,000.00

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