Marek’s Vaccine

Do you know the proper way to administer the Marek’s disease vaccine to your chicks? Marek’s disease is very prevalent everywhere there is poultry, and if your chickens catch it there is no cure. Once the sick chicken symptoms are apparent, it’s too late. If you order your chicks from a hatchery, the Marek’s vaccine is usually administered to chickens at the hatchery.

Of course, it is easiest to order chicks already vaccinated, but if you are hatching your own birds, or didn’t order pre-vaccinated chicks, vaccinating chicks is not hard once you get the hang of it, and worth doing to prevent losses in your flocks of backyard chickens.

When you order the Marek’s disease vaccine, it comes in two parts, the small vial with the wafer of vaccine itself, and the large vial of dilutant. You only need to refrigerate the vaccine itself, not the dilutant.


Marek’s disease virus (MDV) is a herpesvirus which causes a lymphoproliferative disorder of the domestic chicken worldwide. This serious economical problem caused by MDV was mostly solved by development of an effective vaccine against MDV. The development of live vaccines against the disease is remarkable as it has led to the first example of a commercially available vaccine against cancer as well as against diseases caused by herpesviruses.
This volume gives an overview on many aspects of MDV research and summarizes recent advances in the field. The topics include the history, biology,and molecular biology of MDV, pathogenesis, vaccinal immunity, immune response, genetic resistance and development of recombinant polyvalent vaccines. It is hoped that this volume will make an important contribution towards the control of infectious diseases.

Features of Marek’s Vaccine

Marek’s disease (MD) is one of the most common lymphoproliferative diseases of chickens which results in mononuclear cell infiltration of one or more of the visceral organs and nerves. Marek’s disease has a tremendous economic impact, firstly because of continuing losses due to the disease and secondly because of cost of vaccination. The annual losses due to this disease world over have been estimated at more than one billion US dollars. The vaccination can prevent formation of tumor but generation of infectious virus is not prevented.

Despite the widespread and successful use of vaccines for the last 40 years, MD virus (MDV) shows a continuous evolution of virulence.It becomes mandatory to study the molecular characters of newly evolving virulent strains and to conduct pathotyping assay to find out magnitude of virulence in each current field strains. This book will throw light on oncogene characterization and pathotyping of field isolates of Marek’s Disease Virus.

Benefits of Marek’s Vaccine

Preparation is a mixture of carefully selected essential oils and plant extracts of stabilized content of active substances like: bornyl acetate, alpha-pinene, carvacrol and stabilized garlic origin molecules.
Generally available scholarly publications show broad spectrum of activity of these substances – also in the intestinal lumen. While creating Coxbiootic we focused on bactericidal, virucidal and mainly protozoicidal activities so that the product is effective against Eimeria. Additionally it supports positive intestinal bacterial flora development, increase digestibility of nutrients and natural immunity of organism.

Prices of Marek’s Vaccine


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