The Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table is a premium grooming table that has all the features you need in a grooming table. It has a height of 27 inches, making it easy for your dog to get on and off the table. The grooming table’s stainless steel top is strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds of pressure. The grooming table also has rubber feet to prevent skidding on the floor, making it easier for you to work with your dog.

The Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table comes with an electric motor that allows you to adjust the speed of the revolving head up to 10,000 RPM. This feature makes it easier for you to trim your dog’s fur without pulling or tugging on its skin. It also helps prevent over-trimming which can lead to soreness or irritation on your pet’s skin.

The Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table comes with four suction cups at each corner which keep it firmly attached to the ground so there is no chance of it falling over during use. The suction cups are removable so you can easily clean them when needed by just unplugging them from their sockets and then washing them off with soap and water before reattaching them back onto their sockets

Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table

The Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table has a convenient, easy-to-use pedal control that helps you lift and lower your pet with ease. It is designed to comfortably lift pets up to 220 lbs and features back-friendly height adjustments. It also includes 4 adjustable levelers to provide maximum stability. In addition, it comes with a FREE overhead grooming arm and a standard grooming arm. Moreover, it is fully assembled and ready for use out of the box.


Master Equipment electric grooming tables feature an accordion-style lift mechanism that accommodates pets of different sizes. It can lift and lower your pet easily and is capable of supporting up to 220 lbs. A stainless steel ring provides added safety and security when grooming your pet. Another convenient feature is the adjustable height of the table.

The Master Equipment electric grooming table features an ergonomic design with rubber feet. Its non-slip surface is easy to clean. The table’s legs are made from heavy-duty materials and chrome plated. It also features collapsible legs and a mold-resistant surface. Users appreciate the ease of cleaning this table.

The Master Equipment electric grooming table is made of high-quality materials, making it an excellent choice for any salon. Its sturdy frame prevents slipping, and it has a powder-coated finish to prevent rusting. It comes in multiple sizes and comes with a free grooming loop and arm. It also comes with chrome-plated legs and a PVC base.


Master Equipment Electric Grooming Tables are no small investment. They are made to withstand heavy use and come with support brackets to handle larger animals. They are not as long as other tables but can be folded up for easy storage. However, the price is steep, especially for a table so small that you will only need it for small dogs.

The price of this table ranges from less than $300 to more than $1,200. It also comes fully assembled. Professionals usually prefer the electric version as it’s easy to move and can accommodate a wide range of pet sizes. Despite the high price tag, it comes with many features that will make grooming your pet a pleasure.

This grooming table by Master Equipment is very popular with professionals and is available in two sizes – medium and large. It is made of durable 14-gauge steel and comes with a non-slip rubber surface for extra safety. The table also comes with a grooming arm and a leash for convenience.

The Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table price is slightly higher than most other grooming tables. However, it is still an excellent choice for the average dog owner. The tabletop is 18 inches in diameter and provides plenty of traction and control. The table also looks great and is relatively light at only 10 pounds.


The Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table is designed for convenience and portability. It folds flat to make it easy to move around and is small enough to fit in the trunk of your car. It comes with several features that can make grooming your pet easier. With these features, you can improve your dog’s grooming experience, including reducing slipping.

It has a sturdy steel frame and a waterproof rubber top. It has two different sizes that can accommodate dogs weighing up to 200 pounds. It also features a non-slip, rubberized surface and comes with a grooming arm and leash. This electric grooming table is highly portable, with no need to purchase separate grooming stands.

If you travel a lot, the Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table with Arm will allow you to groom your dog from anywhere in the house. Its sturdy construction will ensure that your dog stays calm and relaxed as you groom it. Its powder-coated steel frame will prevent corrosion. It comes in multiple sizes and includes an adjustable-height groom arm and a leash loop.

Besides portability, the Master Equipment Electric Grooming Table is also available in black. Its height is adjustable from 21.5 to 41.3 inches. The table’s dimensions are 36 by 23.6 inches. Its frame is made of heavy-gauge steel and features a sturdy H-base for stability.

H-Bar arms

H-Bar arms provide additional support for the legs of the Master Equipment electric grooming table. This table can hold up to two hundred pounds and has a 36-inch tabletop. It also has a Z-lift base for easier mobility. Its maximum height is forty inches, and it features a smooth motor. Its tabletop is made of a rubber and plastic composite material with a non-slip surface.

The controls on the Master Equipment electric grooming table are mounted on both sides and can be flipped up when not in use. However, some groomers report that the clipper cables can sometimes get caught in the controls. In that case, the table’s H-Bar arms may not be sufficient.

The H-Bar arms of the Master Equipment electric grooming table are made from steel and are durable and sturdy. They come with a powder-finished tone coating to prevent rust and corrosion. They also fit on styling tables with at least a three-inch diameter. They are also foldable. One additional advantage is that you can store it easily. This electric grooming table can be easily converted into a portable grooming station.

Another benefit of this table is that it’s comfortable for your dog. Its H-Bar arms will prevent your dog from panicking and moving around while you groom. It’s also ideal for those who work on agitated dogs. This electric grooming table can handle 330 pounds of weight.

Anti-skid properties

The X-Tend Electric Grooming Table from Master Equipment features an accordion-style lift system for maximum comfort. It adjusts from a height of 11″ to 43 1/2″ and can hold up to 220 lbs. Its stainless steel top and anti-skid vinyl surfaces help prevent slips and falls.

This table has anti-skid properties and is foldable for easy storage or transportation. It also takes up minimal space. Besides, its design also has wheels for better maneuverability and stability. With its anti-skid properties, you can rest assured that your dog will not slip when grooming. It’s the ultimate safety measure for a successful grooming session. Its sturdy design is perfect for working in an office, a salon, or at home.

The iKayaa hydraulic grooming table has been a wise choice for home use, especially for those who do not hire a professional dog groomer. It is remarkably sturdy and stable when the leg supports are extended. It also has a sturdy base.


The Master Equipment(tm) Electric Grooming Table offers ergonomic support, safety, and convenience. Its sturdy construction and durable goalpost-style legs are easy to clean. It also features a pebbled rubber surface for easy grooming. Available in 30″, 36″, and 48″ sizes, it comes with a free grooming loop and arm.

For convenience, the Master Equipment Grooming Table is foldable for easy transport. It takes up minimal space and can fit into a trunk. Moreover, it is sturdy and durable enough to support a large breed of dog. A quality electric grooming table should be sturdy enough to support the weight of a large dog.

The Master Equipment electric grooming table has rubber feet to prevent slipping and a smooth surface that is easy to clean. It also has heavy-duty legs that are chrome plated to prevent rust. It is easy to store and has a mold-resistant surface. It is ideal for dog grooming, and users love how easy it is to clean.

The Master Equipment electric grooming table is available in two sizes. The larger size is recommended for professional groomers, while the smaller one is for home use. It has a tabletop that measures 18″ in diameter, which provides traction and control. It also looks stylish and weighs about ten pounds.


Electric grooming tables are designed to make grooming dogs easier and faster. Unlike manual grooming tables, electric tables can be raised or lowered to the appropriate height for each dog. Some tables are portable, while others are stationary. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. One benefit is that electric grooming tables are easier to transport than manual tables.

When purchasing an electric grooming table, look for the quality of the materials it is made from. You want to choose a table that will last for a long time without breaking down. The durability of the table is very important, as your dog’s health and safety are at stake.

Another feature that makes electric grooming tables easier to move is that they can adjust from eleven inches to over four feet in height. This allows you to groom all breeds and sizes of dogs. Many of these tables also feature motorized lift systems, which are very convenient for commercial use. This type of table also has a smooth motor and X-frame support for increased stability. The table’s tabletop is made of high-grade iron and is anti-slip.

Electric grooming tables are easier to use and adjust than hydraulic grooming tables. You can simply press a button to raise and lower the table to the proper height for grooming your dog. The electric version is the most expensive of these tables.

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