This grooming table is the perfect size for any groomer and is built to last through all the years of hard work in a busy salon. It has been constructed with a steel frame and high-quality plastic, making it durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear of a grooming shop. The grooming table also comes with a convenient storage shelf underneath the tabletop, which provides easy access to supplies and tools.

This grooming table is ideal for both professional and home use. With its sleek design and modern look, it will complement any type of decor in your home or business.

Master Equipment Grooming Table

The Master Equipment Grooming Table is a versatile and portable grooming table that offers sturdy goalpost-style legs and non-slip rubber feet. You can use it in the salon or at home. It features a non-slip surface and a non-slip handle to facilitate easy grooming.


The TP215 Grooming Table from Master Equipment is a portable table that features an easy-to-clean pebbled rubber surface. It is also built with durable goal-post-style legs made of steel. The table also includes a free grooming loop and is easy to move around the grooming room.

This table is made of heavy-duty zinc-plated steel and has a locking clamp to secure it in place. It comes in a silver color and is suitable for use with dogs of all sizes and ages. The Master Equipment grooming table is a great choice for grooming your dog at home.

The Master Equipment grooming table is designed to provide a safe and convenient environment for grooming your dog. Its pebbled surface prevents paws from slipping and also resists the claws from scratching. This table can be used by both professionals and home doggie stylists.

The Master Equipment Rotating Small Pet Grooming Table is another portable table designed for grooming small pets. Its rotating platform allows your pet to face you while being groomed. It is made of durable, 21-gauge tube steel and has a powder-coated finish to prevent rust. It comes in two sizes. The table also has an adjustable-height grooming arm. It also comes with a leash loop so you can keep your dog by its leash while grooming.


When shopping for a grooming table for your dog, it’s important to choose one that is sturdy and stable. A wobbly table can make a dog jump and become nervous. Also, a stable table will allow you to work with your dog comfortably and efficiently. A sturdy table will also be easy to assemble.

A high-quality grooming table should be sturdy enough to hold up to two hundred pounds of animal weight. The heavy-duty table by Master Equipment is built with X-style legs that are reinforced with steel-reinforced rubber caps. The table also includes a free grooming arm and loop, making it easy to use.

If you plan to groom large dogs, you should look for a table with a large surface area. The table should also be sturdy enough to hold the dog’s weight. The height is adjustable and should be more than enough to support the entire weight of the dog. The table should also have legs that fold up for portability. You can also look for a table with onboard storage for all your grooming supplies.

One of the main concerns with a grooming table for your dog is its stability. If it’s unstable, your dog may be afraid of it. A stable table will prevent this, and your pet will be safer in the process. The table should have sturdy legs and a footpad with non-slip rubber.

Rotation feature

The Master Equipment grooming table is a great option for in-home grooming sessions. It can be mounted on most flat surfaces and comes with rubber feet to protect your floor. Its 18-inch round, non-slip surface is also easy to clean. The grooming table also includes an adjustable square tube grooming arm that adjusts from 16 1/4 inches to 23-1/2 inches in height. A pivoting system allows you to rotate your pet as you groom it, increasing your productivity and efficiency.

The Master Equipment grooming table has an illuminated glass top for a brilliant appearance. It has an amazing range of height adjustment and a 400-lb weight capacity. It also comes with a mold-resistant surface and collapsible legs. The table is sturdy and durable and has a lifetime frame warranty.

Its 360-degree rotation feature allows you to work on different parts of the animal’s coat. It also comes with two adjustable arm rings for leash attachment. Designed for maximum safety, this table is also waterproof. Its bracket is made of sprayed aluminum alloy and stainless steel. This table has a 50-kilogram load-carrying capacity, which is more than enough for the majority of dogs and cats. Smaller dogs, however, require special hardware.

The Master Equipment grooming table is a great choice for in-home grooming. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and store away when not in use. It is made of durable 21-gauge tube steel that is protected by a durable black finish. The table’s base is adjustable so that you can reach hard-to-reach areas.

Another great feature of this grooming table is its adjustable height. It gives the groomer a comfortable position while grooming your pet. This table is adjustable and features a non-slip table top for added safety and stability. It allows for faster, safer grooming sessions.

Non-slip surface

The Master Equipment Dog Grooming Table features a non-slip pebbled rubber surface that is easy to clean. The table’s legs are chrome plated and made of heavy-duty material. The legs can be folded and are mold resistant, so you can clean them easily whenever necessary. The table is available in 30″, 36″, or 48″ lengths.

The table is placed on another table, giving it extra height, which is helpful if you need to maneuver it. It also features a rotating base, which is useful if you need to clean out hard-to-reach spots. The legs are steel-enforced, which makes the Master Equipment grooming table a safer choice for grooming your pet.

The Master Equipment Grooming Table is made from heavy-duty materials, and it can be easily folded for easy storage or transportation. It also takes up very little space, making it a perfect option for small spaces. While it is not a perfect grooming table, it does make grooming your dog easier and safer.

The Master Equipment grooming table is designed to fit any surface, including a carpeted or tiled surface. It features a non-slip surface for safety, and it comes in three different colors. The table top is made of rubber, and it has non-slip pads to prevent any slips. The grooming table is also built with onboard storage so that your grooming tools and supplies are always within reach.


The Master Equipment Grooming Table is made from sturdy and durable materials. It features a non-slip pebbled rubber surface and durable steel-reinforced rubber feet. It also has a sturdy steel frame. You will not have to worry about it breaking down while grooming your dog.

The Master Equipment Grooming Table has adjustable heights that can be adjusted in increments of 1 inch. Its legs are made from heavy-duty and chrome-plated material that’s easy to clean. It also folds for easy storage and transportation. However, this table is not cheap, and you’ll need to buy an additional grooming arm separately.

The Master Equipment Grooming Table is known for its quality and ergonomic design. It is one of the most durable tables available. It is easy to clean and can easily be stored when not in use. It is made of chrome-plated tubular steel and a waterproof wood composite and PVC. Besides, it is easy to clean and fold up.

If you’re looking for a cheap grooming table for dogs and cats, the Master Equipment Grooming Table isn’t the best choice. It is relatively small and is not meant for larger dogs. However, it has a sturdy steel frame and support brackets for bigger dogs. Moreover, the table is short, and folding for easy storage. It’s also quite expensive for its small size. However, if you’re looking for a portable pet grooming table, the Giantex Portable Pet Grooming Table is the right choice. It has a foldable table base so that you can store it in a closet or in your car. It also includes a grooming arm and mesh.

The quality of the table is crucial. Whether you’re grooming for clients or grooming for yourself, a good table will help you achieve professional results. There are several models to choose from, and each one has its own advantages. If you’re in a small shop, a portable table can save a lot of space. A table designed for grooming small dogs is a great addition to any grooming salon. Its sturdy goal-post-style legs will ensure stability. It comes with an adjustable aluminum grooming arm and a clamp for stability.

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