In this system, mechanical dryers are used to remove water from wet grains by forcing either ambient air or heated air through the grain bulk. This is done through: Heated air drying – employs high temperatures for rapid drying.Rice is a staple food for nearly half of the world (Ricestat, 2018). Approximately 500 million tons of milled rice are produced annually around the world, of which 90% comes from Asian countries (Ricestat, 2018). Increase of quality and productivity and reduction of losses are usually the main targets of rice production research. Improper drying of wet paddy contribute about 3–5% of paddy rice losses including both of physical and quantity losses (FAO, 2013; RKB, 2016a). In tropical countries, paddy at harvest usually has moisture contents between 20–28% wet basis (MC) corresponding to wet and dry seasons. After harvesting, the paddy should be dried as soon as possible, ideally within 24 h using proper drying methods, to reduce its MC to about 14%, which is the safe MC to prevent paddy losses from respiration, germination, etc., during storage

Types of Mechanical Dryer For Rice

The vertical dryer

Horizontal dryer

The silo or stationary- bed dryer.

Uses of Mechanical Dryer For Rice

Mechanical dryers for rice is suitable for efficient drying all cereals, rice. It is suitable to all kinds of farm.


The device has a simple structure, small volume, convenient operation, no auxiliary equipment, and is convenient for transportation and movement.

.Using hot air as the drying medium, the circulating drying process is adopted, and the grain is uniformly and fully heated by the heat, and the quality is good after drying.

.The dryer is fueled by coal, rice husk or straw, and is converted into clean hot air by burning and heat exchange to dry the grain.

. Equipped with automatic online temperature measurement and moisture measuring device, the degree of automation is greatly improved and the drying uniformity is good.


Dryer typeBatch type recirculating
capacity15 tons pe batch20 tons pet batch35 tons per batch
Dryer Volume(m3)2537.2562.5
Overall weight(kg)500060009500
Overall Dimension(mm)2900*4050*115002900*4050*122003500*4400*13330
FuelCoal, rice husk, wood chips, gas, diesel, etc
Voltage380V, 50Hz, 3 phase (Can be customized)
Moisture Reduction per hour(%/h)Rice/wheat:0.5-0.8Rice/wheat:0.5-0.8Rice/wheat:0.5-1.2

Prices of Mechanical Dryer For Rice

$3,230- $100,000.00

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