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For the vaccination of chickens at 1 day of age or older by coarse spray for protection against Newcastle disease (ND) and Massachusetts and Connecticut types infectious bronchitis (IB). Merck Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co, announced the launch of INNOVAX ND-ILT, made with biotechnology that protects against three highly infectious diseases in poultry – Newcastle disease (ND), infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) and Marek’s disease (MD) when given to chickens either in ovo or subcutaneously at the hatchery.

INNOVAX ND-ILT is the second of the company’s dual HVT constructs to be approved, following the release of INNOVAX® ND-IBD launched last November. The vaccine marks the first vaccine available in the United States shown to be effective against these three highly contagious infections with a single vaccination. These diseases can affect a range of systems in domestic poultry, including the nervous, respiratory, immune and reproductive systems.

“Along with the convenience of a single immunization, Innovax ND-ILT eliminates the risks of viral latency, persistence and dissemination associated with the use of conventional live vaccines,” says Ivan Alvarado, DVM, Merck Animal Health. “By controlling Newcastle disease and infectious laryngotracheitis, Innovax ND-ILT allows the administration of monovalent IBV vaccines, avoiding competition between respiratory viruses while improving protection against IB in the field. As a recombinant HVT vaccine, Innovax ND-ILT does not induce post-vaccinal reactions, reversion to virulence or interference with other respiratory vaccines.”


  • INNOVAX®: Range of vaccines that includes live virus vector vaccines, offering protection against Marek’s Disease, Newcastle Disease (ND) and infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT).
  • NOBILIS® IB VACCINES: Comprehensive line of vaccines for active immunization of poultry against disease caused by the Infectious Bronchitis virus. The NOBILIS® IB family contains vaccines for protection against several serotypes, like (but not limited to) serotypes 4/91, Massachusetts Ma5, or related types. Nobilis IB Ma5 +Nobilis IB 4/91 are the effective pair from the Protectotype approach. Protectotype is our solution for broad protection against Infectious Bronchitis and is part of our Convenience program
  • NOBILIS® ND VACCINES: Live vaccines, like Nobilis ND Clone 30 and Nobilis NDC2 for the active immunization of chickens to reduce mortality and clinical signs resulting from infection with Newcastle Disease.

Features of Merck Poultry Vaccines

We are focused on process and performance improvement through:

  • Intestinal health products to help optimize growth, feed efficiency, and egg production.
  • Products that focus on protecting flocks against Respiratory Protection.
  • A broad portfolio of products in the area of dynamic immunity to prevent immunosuppressive diseases that weaken the immune defenses of poultry, leaving them susceptible to other diseases.
  • Food Safety products and programs to protect the food chain.
  • To emphasize its partnership with veterinarians and poultry producers, Merck Animal Health offers partnership programs that combine service, technical support and expertise to achieve effective solutions.


  • Safe to use for hatchery application
  • Mild reaction
  • Highly immunogenic protection against ND and broad-spectrum protection against IB
  • Excellent immunity when used as a field boost

Prtices of

$20.01 – $175.00

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