Meloxicam, also known by the brand name Metacam, is a medication used to reduce pain and inflammation in dogs who suffer from conditions like osteoarthritis. Mobic is the human version of meloxicam, though it’s not interchangeable with Metacam and shouldn’t be given to dogs. The drug is approved for use in dogs by the FDA and available with a veterinarian’s prescription. In addition to treating many conditions, it may also be prescribed for dogs after surgery to reduce pain. Follow your veterinarian’s guidelines for use with your dog strictly.

You can easily order meloxicam for your dog here with your vet’s prescription from Chewy’s online pharmacy. Here is what you should know about the uses, dosage, and side effects of meloxicam in dogs. Meloxicam (brand names Metacam® Loxicom®, OroCAM®, Rheumocam) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to relieve pain, inflammation, and fever in dogs and cats. It is indicated for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs and cats. Meloxicam is also used to treat pain associated with surgery.


Indicated in dogs for the control of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis. As an oral liquid NSAID for dogs, METACAM Oral Suspension enables accurate and cost-effective titration down to the lowest effective dose.

  • Used for over 20 years, METACAM has helped control osteoarthritis pain in dogs in over 30 countries.
  • Syringe calibrated by body weight in pounds makes dosing convenient
  • Dogs love the sweet, honey-flavored taste
  • Easily applied to the dog’s food or given directly into the dog’s mouth
  • Ease of use makes it ideal for improved client compliance

Uses Of Meloxicam For Dogs

Vets most often prescribe meloxicam to treat dogs for inflammation, pain, and stiffness from osteoarthritis, but it can also treat symptoms of other muscle or bone disorders. It works by reducing the hormones in the body that cause pain and inflammation, and as an NSAID, it does so without relying on steroids. Vets sometimes prescribe meloxicam to reduce pain in dogs after surgery or recent injury. The drug can treat both chronic con

Side Effects Of Meloxicam In Dogs

The most common side effects of meloxicam in dogs involve gastrointestinal upset, much like other NSAID medications. If symptoms become extreme or alarming, then you should contact your vet. They may wish to adjust the dosage or find alternative treatment. Here are some common side effects of meloxicam:

  • Black or bloody stool or diarrhea
  • Blood in vomit
  • Swelling or weight gain from fluid retention
  • Increased thirst or urination
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Jaundice (yellowing of skin, gums, or eyes)
  • Itchiness
  • Abdominal pain or tenderness
  • Weight loss
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Behavioral changes


Meloxicam should not be given to dogs that are hypersensitive to NSAIDs. Meloxicam should not be given with any other NSAIDs, including: Carprofen (Rimadyl), Firocoxib (Previcox), Etodolac (Etogesic), Deracoxib (Deramaxx), Aspirin.

Do not use in dogs less than 6 weeks of age or in pregnant, lactating, or breeding dogs, as it has not been evaluated. Do not use in animals with bleeding disorders as safety has not been established in animals with these disorders. Dogs that are dehydrated, on concomitant diuretic therapy, or those with existing renal, cardiovascular, and/or hepatic dysfunction are at a greater risk for experiencing adverse events.

Dosage and Administration

Always provide client information sheet with prescription. Carefully consider the potential benefits and risk of METACAM and other treatment options before deciding to use METACAM. Use the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration consistent with individual response. METACAM Oral Suspension should be administered initially at 0.09 mg/lb (0.2 mg/kg) body weight only on the first day of treatment. For all treatments after day 1, METACAM Oral Suspension should be administered once daily at a dose of 0.045 mg/lb (0.1 mg/kg). The syringe is calibrated to deliver the daily maintenance dose in pounds.

Prices of Metacam For Dogs

$37.99 – $69.99

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