Here are some High-Quality Micronutrients for Plants. Buy Best Quality Micronutrients for Plants online at BigHaat. BigHaat Provides 100% genuine Micronutrients for Plants and the Best Quality Agricultural products Online. Every living being requires nutrients for existence. Likewise, the plants also require essential nutrients to complete the life cycle. Researchers say that more than 17 nutrients are essential for plants. Carbon[C] Hydrogen[H] and Oxygen[O] naturally available and not supplied to plants; Nitrogen[N], Phosphorous[P] and Potassium[K] called major nutrients required in larger quantities by plants and need to be supplied time to time; Calcium[Ca], Magnesium[Mg] and Sulphur[S] required in little fewer quantities than major nutrients and called as secondary nutrients and Micronutrient Fertilizer required in very small quantities by plants and they have very vital roles in the physiology of the plants. 

Micronutrients are Zinc [Zn], Boron [Bo], Iron [Fe], Manganese [Mn], Copper [Cu], Molybdenum [Mo], Silicon [Si], Nickel [Ni], Cobalt [Co] and Sodium [Na]. The micronutrients in plants have an active role in flower initiations, fertilization, fruit setting and disease resistant ability Through increased use of soil testing and plant analyses, micronutrient deficiencies have been verified in many soils. Some reasons limiting the incidental additions of micronutrients include:

  • High-yield crop demands remove micronutrients from the soil
  • Increased use of high-analysis NPK fertilizers containing lower quantities of micronutrient contaminants
  • Advances in fertilizer technology reduce the residual addition of micronutrients.

Features of Micronutrient Fertilizer

DESCRIPTION: Jackpot Micronutrient Mix contains additional micronutrients, beyond the basic three essential nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), to SUPPLEMENT PLANT GROWTH and keep soil healthy.

MICRONUTRIENTS CONTAINED: Boron, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, and Zinc

USE SITES: Jackpot Micronutrient Mix can be used for indoor or outdoor vegetation

HIGH CONCENTRATE: Makes up to 32 gallons of fertilizer

MEASURE & POUR: Comes in an easy measure and pour bottle that allows the end-user to measure and pour a specific dosage by simply squeezing the bottle. See images for directions.

Uses/benefits of Micronutrient Fertilizer

Benefits to the Soil

* Improves soil structure making it more friable.

* Increases the water-holding capacity of the soil

* Promotes soil microbes activities

* Improves soil aeration.

* Prevents caking (hardpan) of soils.

* Reduces soil erosion.

* Speeds up decomposition of poisons in the soils.

* Helps in balancing soil pH.

* Reduces toxicity of the soil

* Increases plant nutrition by supplying available trace elements.

* Increases retention and utilization of fertilizers and preventing leaching.

Benefits to the Plant

* Increases seeds germination rates.

* Increases rate of photosynthesis.

* Produces stronger, faster-growing seedlings.

* Increases total growth of plants and yield.

* Promotes root development.

* Increases plant resilience to water stress.

* Increase plant resistance to pest and diseases.

* Improves sugar content of fruits and vegetables.


AppearanceDark red-brown granular
Ferric content6%±0.3%
Solubility in waterCompletely soluble
PH(1% Water Solution)7-9
Chloride content≤0.1
Ortho-Ortho content4.8±0.1
Cadmium (Cd)Free
Cobalt (Co)Free
Nickel (Ni)Free
Lead (Pb)Free
Mercury (Hg)Free
Chromium (Cr)Free

Prices of Micronutrient Fertilizer

$2,800.00 – $5,000.00/ Ton

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