Midmark Anesthesia Machine

Midmark anesthesia machines (formerly Matrx® ) are a longtime favorite of veterinary professionals around the world for inhalation anesthesia delivery. For over 50 years, each machinehas been carefully manufactured to provide you with years of safe, simple and controllable inhalation anesthesia delivery. There are many models to choose from in wall, stand and tabletop configurations, so we’re sure to have the anesthesia delivery solution your clinic needs.


Midmark VMS® Plus Anesthesia Machine SAFE, PROVEN AND SUPPORTED – MIDMARK SMALL ANIMAL INHALATION ANESTHESIA – A TRUSTED DESIGN FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS.A design that includes two convenient shelves so that the equipment and supplies you need to provide the best patient care can be right where you need them the most.DUAL MOUNT CAPABILITY Quickly and easily switch connections from one vaporizer to the other. SAFETY YOU CAN SEE Sodasorb® LF CO2 absorbent undergoes a permanent, high-contrast color change when exhausted, indicating it’s time for replacement.

MIDMARK VMS® PLUS The Midmark VMS® Plus provides more functionality with two shelves for convenient placement of monitors and equipment so tools and supplies are within reach while performing a procedure. Its dual vaporizer mounting capability allows you to easily switch from one vaporizer to another. The VMS® Plus includes an occlusion valve with safety relief so you can simply and easily close the breathing circuit to allow you to “bag/sigh” the patient. It also includes a negative pressure relief safety valve that will allow room air into the system if the contents of the breathing bag are depleted. • Chrome construction • Includes a free sample of Sodasorb® LF CO2 absorbent •1500 cc CO2 absorber with quick release lever feature for easy absorbent replacement (accepts prepack canister or loose absorbent) • Accepts VIP 3000® and TEC 3 vaporizers • Includes vaporizer mounting kit, 1 and 2 liter breathing bags and 15 mm and 22 mm breathing circuits

Features of Midmark Anesthesia Machine

The VMS® small animal anesthesia machine is a long-time favorite of veterinary professionals. It is designed for safe, simple and controllable small animal inhalation anesthesia.

  • Includes Occlusion Valve with safety relief to prevent  unsafe build-up in the anesthesia circuit/patient
  • Negative Pressure Relief Valve—opens to provide room air to patient if contents of breathing bag are depleted
  • Dual view oxygen flowmeter featuring a glass flowmeter tube that reads from 0.2-4 LPM – quickly switch from standard to magnified view at the touch of a finger
  • Easy to view inhalation/exhalation valves
  • Oxygen flush
  • 1500 cc CO2 absorber with starter pack of Sodasorb® LF
  • Scavenging/adjustable pressure limiting (APL) valve
  • Breathing circuit pressure gauge
  • 15 mm and 22 mm diameter corrugated breathing circuits
  • One and two-liter breathing bags
  • Portable stand with 5-leg spider base and casters
  • Accepts Midmark VIP 3000®and TEC 3 vaporizers (vaporizer sold separately)
  • Limited 5-year warranty
  • Optional Oxygen low-flow flowmeter add-on capability
  • Optional shelves and wall mount configurations 


Floor to top of anesthesia machine: 54″ (137.15 cm)

Overall width: 12″ (30.48 cm)

Floor footprint: 27″ (68.58 cm)

Shipping weight: 42 lbs

Prices of Midmark Anesthesia Machine

$800.00-$3,000.00/ Set

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