Millet Dehuller is used for removing husk on millets like little and foxtail millets. The husk and rice are separated through an aspirator. A single chamber is used for effective separation of rice from the husk. A completely unpolished millet rice is the output. This machine is a new specialized equipment applied for corn wheat millet sorghum hulling, degerminating, polishing and the removal of tip cap. Raw grains are hulled, degerminated and polished under the intensive processing of rotating cylinder and screen after the raw materials are delivered into the hulling chamber. the end products achieve the required accuracy after kernel and bran are separated with the help of wind. The machine is not only can be used alone, but also compatible with complete sets. It is an ideal equipment for small and medium size grain processing plants.


This machine is grain skin peeling machine, which can remove the outside skin of the grain, like wheat, corn, millet, sorghum. After removing the grain skin, you can make better taste grain flour.
With good quality and good peeling effect, JC Series machine is welcomed by our customers. Huller main principle is that a stator wheel, a rotor wheel, the grinding wheel middle filtered buckwheat, adjust the grinding wheel gap, so that friction, shell naturally break open. it has two grinding wheels inside the machine, one is stable, the other is rotary one. put buckwheat into the input part, then goes through to the machine body, between the two grinding wheels. it has 4 screws & steering wheel to control the gap of the two grinding wheels according to the different size of buckwheat. at last all buckwheat will be shelled clean by the way of friction.


1.The Millet Dehuller machine is a new product used to thresh seed from the ear of wheat or rice after harvest, very convenience for farming. 

2.The Millet Dehuller machine has characteristics of high capacity, wide applicability and good-quality threshing and cleaning. 

3.Compact structure, simple design, easy operation and maintenance, durable, stable working.  


Model power(kw)voltage  output
 JC-150 2.2KW 220VWheat: 150kg/h Millet: 80kg/h Broomcorn: 100kg/h Corn: 150kg/h   
JC-200 3KW 220V/380V  Wheat: 200kg/h Millet: 100kg/h Broomcorn: 150kg/h Corn: 200kg/h  
  JC-300 5.5-7.5KW 380KWWheat: 600-800kg/h Millet: 300-400kg/h Broomcorn: 350-450kg/h Corn: 600-800kg/h


$380.00 – $5,000.00

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