Millet Processing Machine Cost

Processing of husked millets is essential to make it suitable for human consumption. It starts with cleaning, grading, and removing husks. As you know husks cannot be digested by human beings. To understand the processing of millets  I went to a tribal village in Koraput, Odisha. I could find a single wooden grinding mill in this village and all the people depend upon this mill to process their millets. To understand millet processing, I had an opportunity to visit the Primary Processing Unit at the Indian Institute of Millets Research, Hyderabad. Basically, to set up a unit we require machines for cleaning, grading, dehulling, and finally the quality product.


Processing Machine are used to process Millet  before consumption and for preparing of food, are usually processed by commonly used traditional processing techniques include decorticating, malting, fermentation, roasting, flaking, and grinding to improve their edible, nutritional, and sensory properties


1. Unique design of rotary octagonal sieve and air inlet structure before kernel outlet to reduce brokens;

2. High yields and few brokens, thorough separation of brans and kernels;

3. The Corn Hulling and Polishing Machine can be used individually or with medium and small processing lines.


Technology in cleaning part:Three screen, two scour, two destoner, two damper, and three magnetic separator.
Technology in milling part:Seven sets of FMF50×2 Double-roller mill, four sets of Double-section high efficiency square sifter consist of the milling technology of four break, four reduction, one scratch, two bran brusher.
Production capacity:50 tons of wheat/24h.
Power supply:About 135kW.
Used under:Voltage: 380V, Frequency: 50HZ, below a elevation of 1000m.
Quality guarantee period:One year
Workshop style and dimension:Triangle-framed workshop, with 30m long and 8m wide, and 7.5m under the beam.


$1,050.00- $50,000.00

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