A mill power feed machine is a rotating tool that works to cut metal and tools into specific designs and shapes. It is typically a big machine that has an x-axis, a y-axis, and a z-axis, all of which help you create the unique and specific design you have in mind.


Most milling machines are equipped with power feed for one or more axes. Power feed is smoother than manual feed and, therefore, can produce a better surface finish. Power feed also reduces operator fatigue on long cuts. On some machines, the power feed is controlled by a forward reverse lever and a speed control knob.


  • Model: Al-310S; Type: X traverse; Voltage: 110V, 50/60Hz
  • Rotate speed: 0-200 RPM; Max torque: 450 in-lb; Max feed rate: 650mm/min; Max return speed: 850mm/min
  • Small volume and easy installation power feed, jog function operates at any feed speed; Excellent speed control in the entire range
  • Noiseless direction changes, better surface smoothness and power table feed won’t vibrate or strain in low speed
  • Safety feature to protect transmission gear and electronic components, as to meet the requirements of ergonomics.The two gears of this power table feed will not mesh and wear at the same spot, this not only increases durability and longevity but even reduces noise over time


Main technical parametersx5036
Spindle hole dimensionISO40
Distance from spindle end to worktable60-540mm
The distance from the center line of the spindle to the vertical guide surface of the bed325mm
Spindle speed range60-1700rpm
Worktable working surface size1500*360mm
Worktable stroke x/y/z1000/1200/320mm
Main drive motor power5.5kw
Machine size1700*1680*1880mm


$289.28 – $358.93

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