Mini Floating Fish Feed Machine

The design of pelleting process is an important factor affecting the quality of aquatic feed. The expansion equipment used in production is mainly a single-screw extrusion expander, which can be divided into dry way and wet way extrusion expanders. Most of the extrusion expansion equipment used today is dry and wet. The extruder can produce floating, sinking, slow sinking feed and semi-moist feed, which can adapt to the feeding requirements of various aquatic animals.

HT series flat membrane pellet feed machine works at the basis of mechanical circular motion, and are driven by the motor power, which can drive gear( or belt) pass to spindle flat membrane and then makes the pressure roller rotate in the function of friction.  The high friction temperature between pressure roller and flat membrane can make power material gelatinize under high temperature.  Protein coagulates and changes its figure and comes out from membrane hole under extrusion effect.  The needed length of pellet can be gained by adjusting cutting knife.  Pellet,after discharging, will be sent outside the machine by material throwing tray.

Features of Mini Floating Fish Feed Machine:

(1). Simple structure and wide applicability.  Small cover and low noise

(2). With wheels , easy to move , suit for fish ,pig ,poultry and cattle.

(3) Power feed and grass power can be made into pellet with only some liquid.  Therefore, the water containing rate of pellet feed is the same as before when it is made into the pellet, which means that it is more conductive to storing.

(4) Pellets made by this machine are with high hardness,smooth surface and full of internal curing,which can not only improve digestion and absorption of nutrition but also kill the general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites.  

Uses/benefit of Mini Floating Fish Feed Machine:

They can be used for feeding rabbits, fish, ducks, cattle, sheepand pigs, which have a higher economic benefit compared with mixed power feed.

Electric Motor: 4-pole speed    2.2-37 Kilowatts   Motor speed: 1440 RPM

Flat membrane diameter: 120mm-330mm

Flat membrane speed:  260-380r/min

Advanced technique, low noise and suitable for home use.

Low power consumption, high efficiency;

Low labor intensity, high automation;

Easy operation, stable performance.

Specification of Mini Floating Fish Feed Machine:

ModelInstalled Power(kw)Power Consumption(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Dimension(m)

Prices of Mini Floating Fish Feed Machine:

$699.00 – $18,500.00

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