Mini Gac Moisture Tester

Mini Gac Moisture Tester: Using US federal grain standards, the technology in the Mini GAC and Mini GAC Plus is based on the GAC2100B moisture tester calibrations. Whether you’re harvesting, storing, or trading grain, nothing is more important to its value than its moisture content and test weight.   The Mini GAC measures moisture by capacitance, conductance, internal scale and temperature. The moisture range is 5-45%, depending upon the grain type, and has a grain temperature range of 32 – 122ºF (0-50ºC).

The Mini is a whole grain moisture tester and sample size is approximately 1 pint. It has an LCD adjustable contrast display. It can hold twenty (20) grain calibrations, but the user can choose from over 450 calibrations that will available on the Dickey-John web site. Complete with 9V battery, carrying case (Plus model only), funnel assembly, belt clips, instructions and 1 year warranty.  Net weight 2 lbs. 7oz, 11.9″H X 4.8″W x 8.3″D.


The DICKEY-john mini GAC is an accurate handheld grain moisture analyzer, offers a fast, easy and accurate way to test the moisture of your grain. This easy to use moisture tester will not damage the grain or create any oily residue due to its single piece, easy to load design. The mini GAC displays moisture content and temperature of each grain sample.

 Features :

  • Menu-driven operating system
  • An internal scale (no pre-weighing)
  • USB compatibility for calibration loading
  • Used for over 450 grains and products
  • Automatic temperature compensation


Measurement methodcapacitance, conductance, internal scale, temperature
Moisture range5 – 45 % (depending on grain type)
Grain temperature32 – 122° F (0 – 50° C)
Temperature difference36° F (20° C) instrument to grain sample
Temperature compensationautomatic
Grain typewhole grain, no sample preparation
Sample size1 pint (0.47 L)
DisplayLCD (106 x 56 pixels)
Analyzer height* 11.9 in (30.2 cm)
Analyzer width* 4.8 in (12.2 cm)
Analyzer depth* 8.3 in (21.1 cm)
Weight (total)2 lbs 7 oz (1.1 kg)
Measured parametersmoisture, grain temperature and test weight **
Calibrations20-grain calibrations (choose from over 450 calibrations that are available)


$461.19 – $675.00

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