Mini Plush Lops are a unique, very rare specialty pet with only 2 qualified breeders with rabbitries dedicated to specializing in them at this time. Mini Plush Lops are a 3-4.5 pound ball of fur, not hair. Unlike a traditional rabbit’s hair coat, the Mini Plush Lop literally feels like silky velvet similar to a Rex rabbit. Unlike a rex rabbit, the Mini Plush Lop is smaller and has floppy lopped ears just like a Holland Lop.

Rabbits are very social creatures, so it is important that they receive a great deal of love and affection. It is unfair to keep a rabbit alone in his cage all day, and this will likely lead to behavioral and temperament problems. Make sure you get your rabbit from a well-respected shelter or a reputable breeder, as you will have a better idea of temperament and any health issues that may arise.


Something exciting about a Mini Plush lop is its lack of excessive shedding like most rabbit breeds, making it an ideal house rabbit. Mini Plush Lops will molt twice a year, but after the molt is over, no excessive shedding! They also don’t produce dander like a dog, making them a much better choice for those who may be allergic to other animals. Mini Plush lops are very docile and sweet. They are happy to sit in your lap and watch TV with you or curiously hop around your house. Mini Plush Lops love to play! You can give them small kitten balls or even an empty toilet paper roll to

toss around. The Mini Plush Lop is an excellent children’s pet because they are small and gentle especially if you spend time with them every day. Because of their small size they are inexpensive to feed. Like all rabbits they rarely make any noise unless they are hurt or feel in danger. Mini Plush Lops are not simply a cross between a Mini Rex and Holland Lop like many believe, a true Mini Plush Lop has a total of 4 combined breeds including one of the smallest rabbit breeds, the Netherland Dwarf. The Mini Plush lop gets its small size from introducing some high quality Netherland Dwarfs dozens of generations back when the breed was in its first stages of development. Carefully planned percentages of three other breeds were selectively bred over a 12 year period of time from only the highest quality stock of each breed to inherit their small size, plush velvet coat, floppy ears and laid back and friendly personality.


Suitability For Children: The Dwarf Lop rabbit is suitable for both children and adults. They are best suited for children over 10 years of age, for younger children an adult should supervise the care and handling of the rabbit.
Character & Temperament: The Dwarf Lop rabbit is a good nature rabbit, they make very good pets.
Sleeping Habits: Rabbits are most active in the morning and at night; they generally sleep during the day.
Toys & Exercise: Rabbits need things to climb on, crawl through, dig and chew. It is possible to provide plenty to entertain this rabbit with using household items, such as toilet roll tubes and boxes. Several boxes can be put together with holes in them so the rabbit can go from box to box, just like being in a warren. Ramps can also be put against the boxes so the rabbit can climb up; they like to have a lookout post.

Size and Weight: The Dwarf Lop rabbit can weigh up to 2.4 kg. Many are small and weigh less than this.

Lifespan: On average the Dwarf Lop rabbit can live to 5 years or more.

Feeding: The mainstay of a rabbit’s diet should be large unlimited amounts of fresh hay, fresh fruit and vegetables, a well-balanced dry rabbit mix and plenty of clean water. Rabbits have quite delicate stomachs so when feeding fresh fruits and vegetables make sure they are added to the diet one vegetable at a time and eliminate specific varieties if they cause diarrhea. An earthenware bowl is the best type of feeding dish to use, as they are harder to knock over than the plastic ones, also they are not chew-able. A water bottle fixed to the outside of the cage, with the water tube going into the cage, ensures a fresh water supply is available.


Mini Plush Lops have fur instead of hair, they do much better as indoor potty trained pets. At Ellie’s Rabbitry, we prefer all of our Mini Plush Lops to go to an inside home or a family that is very willing to accommodate them outdoors. This would include some kind of heat source in the winter months or living inside a closed garage. Their soft fur does not retain their body heat like a normal rabbits hair does.

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