Mini Rice Milling Machine has the features of a modern rice mill. It provides 5% higher yield of head rice in addition to saving valuable rice bran. The mini rice mill with capacity 300-500 kg paddy per hr meets the needs of the villages. This mill consists of a paddy cleaner, sheller, separator and a polisher


  • If we add paddy to it, we get fresh rice output in few minutes.
  • In this machine polisher is included which helps us to polish the rice.
  • It consumes 2 – 3 units of electricity only.
  • This machine can also run on the electricity of the house, for this there is no need to take a separate electricity connection.
  • The probability of getting broken rice in this machine is only 0 to 5%.


  • Automatic operation from the paddy loading to milled white rice.
  • Integrated outfit design, more convenient installation & minimized space occupation. UNIQUE “Rehusking” design, improves milling yield.
  • Build-in Paddy Separator, high separating rate.
  • Creative “Emery Roll Whitening” Design, improved rice whitening accuracy.
  • High quality milled white rice & low broken rate.
  • Whitening/Polishing mechanism, Low rice temperature, less bran remains.
  • Equipped with Rice Grader System to improve the polished rice level
  • Build-in Control Panel, more convenient operation.
  • Improved transmission system, extend the lifespan of wearing parts.
  • Low investment & high profits.
  • Diesel engine driving mechanism optional.


Capacity (kg/h)10-20020-45040-100050-1200
Input size (mm)≤10≤12≤15≤15
Output size (mesh)80-35080-45080-45080-450
Total power (KW)13.517.53884.15
Rotation speed (RPM)4500450040003200
Installation dimension (mm)4200X1200X28004700x1250x29009000x1500x38009000X2700X5280
Gross weight (kg)850120015003200

Prices of Mini Rice Milling Machine

$233.00 – $28,000.00

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