Mobile Cattle Weighing Scales Cardinal Scale’s mobile Weight Wrangler group animal scales provide a self-contained NTEP legal-for-trade weighing system that can be used on any firm surface with up to a 5% grade. The livestock scales include an integral air pump to easily lift and lower the trailer’s air bag suspension. Models come in 18-ft-long tandem axle or 13-ft-long single axle sizes. The X-lug rubberized component deck and steel cattle pen enclosure with dual gates are all suspended at four points within a mobile base frame. The Weight Wrangler can weigh groups of cattle up to 15-20 head at a time (20,000 lb capacity). The scale includes a weight indicator, ticket printer, USB port, battery, self-adjusting electric brakes, and adjustable hitch height. Solar panels are optional.

LSM series scales include high-quality X-lug flooring standard, which is the the livestock industry standard rubber floor for cattle handling. There is allocated open spacing between X-lug floor boards, which allows for easy wash out of scale after use. Other mobile and livestock scales on the market use a corrugated metal floor with a cover rubber mat, allowing livestock sewage to be trapped which leads to extensive rust damage.

Uses/benefits of Mobile Cattle Weighing Scales:

Ideal for the ranching industry, the durable steel cattle pens are UV-protected with baked-on industrial tan powder paint for long-lasting endurance in the elements. The LSM’s 15” trailer tires with semi-grade airbag suspension provide smooth towing and handling during transportation. The load cell junction box with additional condensation protection is located inside the battery box for easy access. Three heavy-duty panels and bows are placed on 18-ft models, and Cardinal Scale’s panel construction is the heaviest in the industry for mobile and portable livestock scales.

A cattle blind for the mobile weighing center ensures that the operator doesn’t upset livestock while operating the scale during the weight transaction. The weatherproof mobile weighing center indicator and printer are mounted to the exterior of the livestock pen. Extra storage is available in the indicator/printer cabinet for spare ticket rolls or EDI reader wands.

Features of Mobile Cattle Weighing Scales:

  • High-Quality X-Lug Composite Flooring for Livestock Stability and Assurance Included Standard
  • 3 Heavy-Duty Panels and Bows on 18-ft Models. Cardinal Scale’s Panel Construction is the Heaviest in the Mobile Cattle Scale Industry
  • Available in 13-ft-long Single Axle or 18-ft-long Tandem Axle Sizes
  • StableSense Digital Filtering Compensates for Animal Movement While Weighing to Provide Accurate Weights
  • Calculates Shrink Loss for Livestock Groups
  • Mobile Weighing Center Displays Head Count, Gross Weight, and Average Weight
  • Transactions Stored on USB Drive May be Summarized for Printing
  • Can Be Used on Any Firm Surface With up to a 5% Grade
  • Completely Self-Contained Mobile Animal Weighing
  • Self-Adjusting Electric Brakes Provide Ease of Maintenance
  • Semi-Grade Airbag Suspension Provides Smooth Towing and Handling During Transportation
  • High Under-Frame Clearance
  • Includes USB Port to Store Transactions
  • Includes Weight Indicator, Ticket Printer, and Battery
  • NTEP Legal for Trade for Commercial Transactions
  • Weigh Groups of Cattle up to 15-20 Head at a Time (20,000-lb Capacity)
  • Enclosed Scale Includes Two Cattle Gates
  • Durable Steel Cattle Pens with UV-Protected Baked-On Tan Powder Paint
  • Heavy-Duty Bumper Plates (1/2” thick)
  • Tail Lights and Reflectors Included Standard
  • Load Cell Junction Box with Additional Condensation Protection is Located Inside Battery Box for Ease of Adjustment
  • Adjustable Hitch Height Included Standard
  • Dual Gate Latch (optional)
  • Cattle Blind so the Operator Doesn’t Upset Livestock While Operating the Scale During the Weight Transaction
  • 12-Volt Battery Pack Included (recharged by towing vehicle)
  • Optional Solar Panel
  • Scale Comes Fully Assembled and Ready for Weighing Use

Specification of Mobile Cattle Weighing Scales:

  • mobile scale for weighing of livestock, such as cows, bulls
  • equipped with 2 doors with quick releasing locks
  • equipped with rubber or moulded floor
  • capacity in 1000, 2000 or 3000 kg
  • dimensions on applictaion
  • equipped with stainless steel load cells and waterproof stainless steel weighing indicator
  • low entry
  • fast and stable weighing
  • solid construction; fully galvanized
  • power supply: 230v
  • Air Pump: Integral air pump to lift and lower trailer air bag suspension
  • Load Cells: NTEP stainless steel model ZX-10000 tension load cells
  • Gates: Two swing gates included
  • Printer: Cardinal Scale model CTP-1 dot matrix ticket printer included in mobile weigh center for NTEP legal-for-trade ticket printing of transactions
  • Brakes: Electric brakes (4)
  • Shipping Weights: LSM2018-MWC225P: 6,000 lb; LSM1513-MWC225P: 4,200 lb
  • Speed Limit: 35 mph (classified as a farm implement)

Prices of Mobile Cattle Weighing Scales:

$580.00 – $2,650.00

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