Mobile grooming equipment is lightweight and easy to use, which means that you can take it with you on the go and make house calls. This is especially useful if you have clients who need special attention because of their disabilities or other issues that make it difficult for them to come to your place of business. You can also use mobile grooming equipment at trade shows and other events where your clients are located away from your office.

Mobile grooming equipment is designed to be easy to maintain so that you don’t have to worry about parts breaking down while they’re in use by a client, or even worse, while they’re in use by multiple clients. When it comes time for maintenance checks and repairs, we’ll help guide you through everything step by step so that there aren’t any surprises along the way.

Mobile Grooming Equipment

Having Mobile Grooming Equipment is an excellent way to groom your customers on the go. These services are convenient for the clients because they don’t have to leave their homes to come to your location. Having this type of service can also help you set yourself apart from other groomers. Not only can mobile grooming help you save on space and time, but it can also give you a chance to learn a new skill or two.


When you start a mobile grooming business, one of the biggest costs you will face is a vehicle and the supplies it holds. Not only will these items require a large amount of initial investment, but they are also subject to wear and tear. You’ll have to check the tires, keep the van well-maintained, and prepare for inclement weather. An out-of-service vehicle can delay your service and cause you to lose money.

On the other hand, a mobile grooming van eliminates the need for a shop or storefront. This makes it possible for you to charge more for the services you provide. Another benefit to a mobile grooming van is that it is self-contained, which means it requires less maintenance and cleaning. Plus, it’s convenient for you and your client. And while you’re away from the store, you’ll still be able to groom your clients without a problem.


There are a number of benefits to mobile grooming services. For one thing, mobile groomers can travel to more locations, allowing them to attract more clients. Another advantage is that they can offer a service that their competitors cannot match. In competitive areas, this is an advantage that can make a groomer stand out.

Another benefit is lower overhead costs. Mobile groomers do not need a storefront or a staff. They also have the flexibility to set their own hours and schedule their clients. Because they can travel, they can schedule appointments at convenient times. However, mobile groomers must factor in the extra expense of owning a vehicle.


If you want to start a mobile dog grooming business, you should know the costs associated with setting up the equipment and vehicle. These are the major assets of the business. Other start-up costs include small tools, stationery, advertising, licenses, and fees. In all, a mobile grooming business needs around $61,000 to start off and run at a profit for a few months.

Mobile grooming vehicles can cost from $10,000 to $100,000. Vans are less expensive alternatives, but you will need to purchase additional equipment to complete your grooming process. You should also make sure you have enough money set aside for operating expenses. In addition, you will need to get permits in each city. For instance, some housing associations prohibit commercial vehicles from parking in driveways. Additionally, custom-lettered vehicles can be considered an unsightly nuisance.

To start a mobile grooming business, you should have a business license and insurance. You can get these from your local chamber of commerce or business attorney. You also need a vehicle that is equipped with water and power. Mobile grooming vehicles should have a sink, a cleaning table, and space for grooming equipment.

Besides the equipment and licenses, you will also need to spend money on supplies and advertising. You should also budget money for advertising, promotion, and vehicle insurance. The income from this business is usually steady and reliable. You can expect to make a good income once you establish your mobile business.

The cost of mobile grooming is higher than at a regular salon. A basic bath and dry service, which lasts about an hour, costs around INR 1,100-1,300. A premium grooming package, which takes about 2.5 to 3 hours, costs between INR 2,500-3,000.


Compared to traditional businesses, starting a mobile grooming service can be very affordable. The initial capital investment is the down payment for the mobile vehicle, which is often the bulk of the total cost. You’ll also need to have a cash reserve to cover expenses. Before starting a mobile grooming service, however, you’ll need to get the necessary permission from the local authorities. For example, some housing associations may not allow commercial vehicles to park in driveways, and some may consider custom lettering a commercial vehicle to be an unsightly nuisance.


If you own a mobile grooming business, it is important to have proper insurance for your vehicle and grooming equipment. Since you’re on the road, the vehicle can be at risk of theft, vandalism, or accidents. This type of insurance will cover damages to the mobile unit and its contents, and it will also cover the business interruption costs if you’re unable to continue working.

Whether you own a mobile grooming van, a stationary grooming van, or a mobile van, there are several types of insurance coverage. Animal Bailee coverage pays for damages caused to animals while in your care, and even the death or injury of a customer’s animal. This type of insurance is crucial for those who groom dogs and cats.

Insurance for mobile grooming equipment may also cover general liability. This coverage pays for all kinds of risks, including property damage, bodily injury, and legal charges from accusations of neglect. General liability coverage can also protect you in case a pet develops an illness after leaving the van. It may even cover the costs of paying out a settlement outside of court. It is important to understand the details of this coverage so you can avoid being sued for something you did not do.

In addition to liability insurance, mobile grooming equipment owners should also consider commercial auto insurance. This coverage works much like auto insurance, with collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and liability coverage. Additionally, if you have employees, you must consider Worker’s Compensation insurance. This kind of coverage is required for mobile groomers who employ employees, and not carrying it could put you in federal hot water.

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