Modern Cow Milking Machine

Modern Cow Milking Machine Early attempts at milking cows involved a variety of methods. Around 380 B.C., Egyptians, along with traditional milking-by-hand, inserted wheat straws into cows’ teats. Suction was first used as a basis for the mechanized harvesting of milk in 1851, although the attempts were not altogether successful, drawing too much blood and body fluid and causing congestion within the teat.

To encourage further innovations, the Royal Agricultural Society of England offered money for a safe, working milking machine. Around the 1890s, Alexander Shiels of Glasgow, Scotland, developed a pulsator that alternated suction levels to successfully massage the teat and extract milk.

That device, along with the development of a double-chambered teat cup in 1892, led to milking machines replacing hand milking. After the 1920s, machine milking became firmly established in the dairy industry. Today, the majority of all milking in organized farms is carried out by machine.

Uses/benefits of Modern Cow Milking Machine:

  • DURABLE MATERIAL- This 25L electric cow milker adopts stainless steel construction ensures minimum maintenance as well as maximum hygiene. The milkers machine is designed with the food-grade bucket and rubber air hose.
  • HIGH WORKING CAPACITY- Dairy milking equipment with 60 pulsation times, 60 pulsation times/min, motor speed of 1680rmp/min, this single cow milking machine can milk 5-8 cows per hour.
  • SAFETY & PORTABLE- Thicken stainless steel milk suction head simulates natural milking, comfortable for your cows. The sucking cup can simulate the feeling of hand milking without feeling any pain, and can also play a massage.
  • EASY TO MANOEUVRE- The milking machine is easy to operate, just plugin, and the motor does all the rest work, driven by a 1680 rpm ultra-quiet motor. Single cow milking machine easy to move with casters and double handles.
  • FOR VARIOUS USES- The bucket milker is designed to milk the cows or goats, etc. Simple to operate and maintain, reduce the labor intensity of the milking, widely used in small farms and home use.

Features of Modern Cow Milking Machine:

  • Reinforced pulsation system: Milking machine for cows pulsating mimics the strength and frequency of human hands well, and can massage the nipples of goat and maintain normal blood flow.Effectively prevent the machine from injuring the nipples of animals due to continuous vacuum milking. It can provide a more comfortable milking experience for your cows. It can well avoid cow kicking people during milking.
  • Dual-purpose milking machine1. Use with a power socket 2. Use after charging: the rechargeable vacuum pump with a battery capacity of up to 5200mAh, which can be used without a power socket, a full charge can be used 3-5 hours.ATTENTIONS:DO NOT WIPE THE MILKING BARREL WITH ACID-ALKALINE OBJECTS. OTHERWISE THE MATERIAL OF THE MILKING BARREL WILL BE BROKEN. AND RUST WILL APPEAR IN THE WELDING GAP. THIS PHENOMENON WILL NOT APPEAR ON A LARGE AREA.
  • Food grade material 304 non-magnetic stainless steel milk barrel wall, food grade silicone hose and silicone lining, it is cleaner to use, you can use it with confidence. Anbull 7L cow milking machine with rechargeable battery large capacity design can carry 12.5KG(27.5lbs) milk.There is a transparent gasket on the lid of the milk pail for better sealing effect and cleaner.
  • Check Valve DeviceMilk container is equipped with a check valve device, which automatically stops when the milk is full to prevent the milk from overflowing to the vacuum pump after it is full, which greatly extends the service life of the product. There is no need to worry about damaging the vacuum pump. The operation is easier and more efficient.(This product is equipped with a 70cm(27.5inch) milk tube cleaning brush, which makes cleaning easier.)
  • Scientific design Aluminum alloy shell host is sturdy and durable, and adjustable speed milking machine is equipped with vent holes for more efficient cooling.Equipped with a stepless speed control switch, which can more carefully adjust the pressure according to the thickness of the animal nipples of different goats, goat and other animals, which greatly protects the animal’s breasts and reduces animal suffering.Equipped with a foldable handle for easy carrying.

Specification of Modern Cow Milking Machine:

                  Vacuum pump double Bucket Milking Machine(with petrol)
Operating vacuum degree0.04-0.05MPa
Pulsation times64 times per minute
Pulsation rate60/40
Gasoline Motor5.5HP, 3600RMP
cow no of milking per hour20-24cows
Motor speed1440 rmp per minute
Milk bucket volume2pcx25L stainless steel bucket (or plastic type)
Milk cluster2 set( Milk liner,milk claw, milk shell etc)
Warranty1 year for motor and vacuum pump
Free extra spare partsfalse nipple and short air tube

Prices of Modern Cow Milking Machine:

$237.72 – $2,500.00

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