Multi Grain Cleaning Machine (also called Grain Pre Cleaner) is the important grain cleaners, it is designed and manufactured by Shelley Engineering for simple, fast removal of light and heavy (rubble) impurities from grain, corn, soybeans, wheat, rice or fuel whose particles sizes and weighs are different than impurity particle, all the grain and the impunity dust are inputed into the rotating screen cylinder,The inner mesh and the out mesh have different diameters, the grains are isolated and flow out through different exit from the dusts in the continuous screening process.  The grain cleaner can also be used for screening soybean meal, soybean meal blocking the bulk through continuous rotation, making the soybean meal block decreasing in monocular state.This kind of grain cleaning equipment reduces the emission of dust into the atmosphere


Grain cleaning machine is applied in food, starch, oil, alcohol and other industries to clean out the dust from the grain.  It is widely used in grain storage silos, bulk storage systems, food processing plants or feed production lines.

Features of Multi grain cleaning machine

· Suitable to remove light dust or chaff.

· Fan can be situated to cyclone with negative pressure to minimize dust leaks when exhaust ducting.

· Equipped with 4 fitted mounting brackets.

· Fully galvanized construction for outdoor use.

· Triple extraction point for 3 times the performance.

· Fully adjustable internal guides to ensure the best performance on every crop.

· Side viewing panels to see the adjustment effects.


ModelCapacity(T/H)Power(KW)Dimension of sieves(mm)Dimension(L×W×H)mmRemarks
5XZC-3B34.251250×800 3970×1800×2750 Grain cleaning and grading
5XZC-5DH57.742000×10004970×1900×3100 Installed cyclone dust separator
5XZF-7.5DS7.59.92400×12505600×2000×3200 cyclone dust separator,double air clenaing system
5XZC-151010.52400×15005600×2100×3200 Installed cyclone dust separator

Prices of Multi Grain Cleaning Machine

$1,300.00 – $7,999.00

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