Murrah” breed is also known as “Delhi”, “Kundi” and “Kali”. … The breed has a massive body, long head and neck, short and tightly coiled horn, well developed udder and broad hips. Usually the buffaloes of this breed are jet black in colour with occasional white marking on switch of tail.

The Murrah buffalo is a breed of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) mainly kept for milk production. It originates in Haryana state and some district of Punjab and West UP of India, where it is kept in the districts of Bhiwani, Hisar, Rohtak, Jind, Jhajhar, Fatehabad, Gurgaon and the capital region of Delhi. A Murrah buffalo at the Lakshmi Dairy Farm in Punjab set a record of 26.335 kg of milk in the 2016 National Livestock Competition and Expo. It has been used to improve the milk production of dairy buffalo in other countries, such as Italy, Bulgaria, and Egypt In Brazil, this breed of buffalo is used for production of both meat and milk. Murrahs sell for a high price.

Features of Murrah Cow

  • Most important breed of buffaloes whose home is Rohtak, Hisar and Sind of Haryana, Nabha and Patiala districts of Punjab and southern parts of Delhi state.
  • Otherwise called asDelhi, Kundi and Kali.
  • The colour is usually jet black with white markings on tail and face and extremities sometimes found.
  • Tightly curved horn is an important character of this breed.
  • Most efficient milk and butter fat producers in India.
  • Butter fat content is 7.83%. Average lactation yield is varying from 1500 to 2500 kgs per lactation.
  • Also used for the grading up of inferior local buffaloes.

Characteristics of Murrah Cow

The body of murrah buffalo is well built, heavy and wedge shaped. The head is comparatively small and face is comparatively long. Murrah buffaloes are jet black in colour. The eyes are not walled(the eye cornea should not have whiteness). The horns of a Murrah Buffalo are different from other breeds of buffaloes – they are short, tight, turning backward and upward and finally spirally curving inward. The tail is long reaching upto fetlock joint with length upto 8 inches. The legs are comparatively short but are strong built. Skin of murrah buffalo is smooth and soft with scanty hair. The udder is fully developed and drooping. The teats are equally spread over the udder and usually the hinds teats are longer than front teats. The average body of a male Murrah Buffalo is around 550 kgs and female is around 450 kgs. The average height of a male is around 1.42 meters and female is 1.32 meters.

Prices of Murrah Cow

1Graded Murrah1stMale8 ltrsRs 60,000
2Graded Murrah1stFemale8 ltrsRs 65,000
3Graded Murrah2ndMale10 ltrsRs 65,000
4Graded Murrah2ndFemale10 ltrsRs 70,000
5Pure Murrah1stMale10 ltrsRs 70,000
6Pure Murrah1stFemale10 ltrsRs 75,000
7Pure Murrah2ndMale12 ltrsRs 80,000
8Pure Murrah2ndFemale12 ltrsRs 85,000
9Pure Murrah1stMale12 ltrsRs 85,000
10Pure Murrah1stFemale12 ltrsRs 90,000
11Pure Murrah2ndMale14 ltrsRs 1,00,000
12Pure Murrah2ndFemale14 ltrsRs 1,05,000
13Pure Murrah2ndMale16 ltrsRs 1,20,000
14Pure Murrah2ndFemale16 ltrsRs 1,30,000

$200.99 – $810.30

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