Netafim Drip Tape Price

Netafim Drip Tape Space-It™ Dripline from Netafim is the perfect drip tape system for potted plants in a nursery or greenhouse setting. A true time saver! Each emitter location is visibly marked making it easy to position the pots in the right spot every time. Not only will you save installation time and money, but crop loss is drastically reduced because it is easy to look down a zone and see that each pot is properly positioned to receive adequate watering. 

Diameter is 12mm, 16mm and 20mm. The wall thickness is 0.6mm-1.2mm. 3.Long life span and durable, resistant to clogging, Chemical proof and anti-ultraviolet. 4.Applicable for the plants which  grow many years, repeated use is available. 5.It can be widely used in desert planting, urban greening, cash crops, greenhouse, horticulture, full buried drip irrigation and so on.

Uses/benefits of Netafim Drip Tape:

1 With superior CV and excellent uniformity.

2 With new type of labyrinth passages,excellent clogging resistance.

3 Excellent pressure-reducing,longer for laying lengh.

4 Made by high quality material and advanced technology,better for anti-corrosion and  anti-ageing.

5 Extruded with Emitter inside,light weight and packed by roll,good for transportation.

Features of Netafim Drip Tape:

  • 5/8″ (0.636″) drip tape
  • 8 mil wall thickness
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 12 PSI
  • Recommended Filtration: 120 Mesh
  • Injection Molded emitters meet industry’s highest standards

Product Specification:

Shape Of DriplineFlat Thin Wall
Dripper Spacing40 centimeter
Service Life15years
Saving Water60%
Packaging TypePlastic
Automation GradeAutomatic
FertilizerWater Soluble
PressureO.5-2.5 Kg/cm2
Flow2 LPH
Quantity Per Pack400m
Power SourcePower, Diesel, Solar
Control ValueBall valve, Solenoid valve,
Is It CustomizedCustomized
Filtration Grade130micron
Weather ProofYes

Prices of Netafim Drip Tape:

$33.00 – $66.00

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