By the time the pig is matured for market weight, water in the body comprises about 51% of its total body weight components. This proves how important water is throughout the life of a pig, as we know it comprises more than half of its weight.

Soon after the first week of a piglet, they start drinking water. It is also very important that the water supply system is clean and disinfected before usage by the pigs. The piglets can only suckle better when it stands. Water is one of the most overlooked nutrition for pigs. Optimal water management contributes toward raising healthy and profitable pigs. The most common mistakes are irregular testing of the water, too few watering points and deviating water flow.

Pig nipple drinker is a convenient and hygiencic way of watering pigs. It reduces disease incidence and transfer as a result of pigs drinking contaminated water. It is highly recommended to innovative pig farmers who are commited to hygienic pig production and reduction in the quantity of water used in pig production. Pig nipples is suitable for different sizes of pigs from weaners to matured ones. There are 5 nipples in a pack.

Features of the Bite Nipples Drinkers for Pigs

These are:

  • Simple structure
  • Composed of shell, mandrill and steel ball
  • Has strong filtration capacity for sands or other impurities
  • Intended for pigs

Prices of Nipple Drinkers For Pigs


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