All animals leaving a property (PIC) must be identified with an NLIS accredited device before moving unless there is a specific exemption or a permit is obtained from the state or territory authority.  If you are moving an animal off its property of birth, tag the animal with an NLIS accredited breeder device (white for cattle, yellow or ‘year of birth colour’ for sheep and goats). Once an animal has been tagged, the tag should remain with the animal for life.  if a tag is lost and the animal is no longer on its property of birth, tag the animal with an NLIS accredited post-breeder device (orange for cattle, pink for sheep or goats). Allflex Electronic Identification (RFID) cattle tags are National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) accredited and are used as a breeder and post breeder device, to identify cattle of all ages and types within Australia.

The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is Australia’s scheme for the identification and tracing of livestock and is crucial in protecting and enhancing Australia’s reputation as a producer of quality beef and sheepmeat.  Australia exports to over 100 markets and is one of the world’s largest red meat exporters. The NLIS allows Australia ongoing access to these valuable export markets. The NLIS also enhances Australia’s ability to respond quickly to a major food safety or disease incident using the NLIS database as a critical tracing tool. The NLIS is a key industry and government partnership across Australia. The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is Australia’s system for identifying and tracing cattle in cases of food safety or disease events. It also helps to maintain consumer confidence in and protect market access for beef and dairy products. The NLIS records cattle movements through a national database. All cattle are individually identified and tracked from property of birth to point of slaughter.

Uses/benefits of Nlis Cattle Tags:

  • Improved design for retention and durability
  • Independently lab tested and verified
  • Australia’s #1 NLIS Cattle Tag¹
  • NLIS accredited.
  • Long-read distance works in a variety of industry cattle handling systems throughout the supply chain from farm to abattoir.
  • Fast, easy application with three applicator styles available to suit your preference.

Features of Nlis Cattle Tags:

1. Ear tags is applied in breeding population, epidemic prevention and control, meat quarantine,All the field of information management for animals and livestocks.

2. The ear tags is marked by laser engraving, has never decolorization effect.

3. Imported material can be cold antifreeze heat.(TPU material), ear plate and ear tag clamp used together

4. high quality stud earrings, not easy to loose, no corrosion, never rust

5. Bold font, more eye-catching easy to distinguish

6. The livestock identification tags for pig is 100 sets/bag, the default number 001-100 number, divided into orange, green, yellow.

Specification of Nlis Cattle Tags:

NameREET002 China Barcode Cow Earring Pig Livestock UHF Goat Ear tag Animal Cattle Ear Tag For Sheep
Colorred, yellow,orange,blue,green and so on
Printing typeLaser marking
Marking contentsNumbers,Letters,mark,bar codes
ApplicationPig, swine, goat, sheep, cattle etc

Prices of Nlis Cattle Tags:


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