Nuvan Insecticide Price

Pesticides are used in agriculture and in domestic pest control. Dichlorvos, an organophosphate, is a predominant pesticide used in domestic insect control in developing countries. Acute and prolonged exposure may lead to death, genotoxic, neurological, reproductive, carcinogenic, immunological, hepatic, renal, respiratory, metabolic, dermal and other systemic effects. Its toxicity is due to the ability of the compound to inhibit acetyl cholinesterase at cholinergic junction of the nervous system. This study is a review of the toxicological effects of dichlorvos in a public health perspective.


NUVAN Directed Spray Aerosol is an extension of the NUVAN PROSTRIPS family line for Pest Management Professionals. NUVAN Directed Spray kills bed bugs, bed bug eggs, ants, cockroaches, bees, wasps, flies, and other labeled pests on contact and through its vapor action. Great for those hard-to reach areas where bed bugs can hide because they are killed through the resulting vapor, even if they don’t come in direct contact with the spray. People and pets can enter the treated area after the spray has dried.

Uses/benefits of Nuvan Insecticide

  • Volume : 1 Lit
  • Highly Effective
  • Great for those hard-to reach areas

Features of Nuvan Insecticide:

Easy to use



Non hazardous


Highly effective


  • Dichlorvos 76% EC
  • Composition:
  • Dichlorvos : 83% m/m
  • Emulsifier: 7%m/m
  • Solvent & Other: 10% m/m
  • Total : 100% m/m
  • If swallowed or ifsymptorna of poisoning occur, call Physician immediately.

Product Specification

Technical NameDdvp 76% Ec
Packaging Size1 Ltr
Genric NameNuvan
Trade NameNuvan

Prices of Nuvan Insecticide

$11.93 – $146.00

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