Oats processing rolling line refers to oats flakes processing line or oat flaking plant. Oats are increasingly popular as a tasty foodstuff. And Win Tone Machinery can manufacture excellent oats processing rolling line and help our customers build oat mills and develop suitable oats machinery and processes. Finish products by Win Tone oats processing rolling line are distinguished by their pleasant taste, good shelf life and easy digestibility.


(1)flour mill machine with high production capacity but with low energy

(2)Designed for producing high fineness of corn flour, flour mesh size ranges from 40~100

(3)Equipped with best importing grinding head and grinding rolls

(4)Automatic and micro-computer control

(5)Super space saving


Model nameMain parameters (diameter x length)production
G0608Single stage dryerφ500×800
G1016Single stage dryerφ1000×160060-80kg
G1223Single stage dryerφ1200x 2300110-130kg
G1530Single stage dryerφ1500×2300160-180kg
G1740Single stage dryerφ1700×4000230-280kg
G2040Single stage dryerφ2000×4000340-380kg
G2050Single stage dryerφ2000×5000420-460kg


$490.00 – $200,000.00

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