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A dual-active DMI and QoI fungicide that controls all the major diseases of winter cereals, Opera is especially effective against various forms of blotch. If the net or spot form of net blotch is a key disease threat in your barley, foliar application can provide outstanding protection right through to harvest. Opera will also control powdery mildew in barley with developed resistance to first-generation triazoles; certain forms of septoria in wheat, oats and oaten hay; various forms of rust in wheat and barley; powdery mildew in wheat and leaf scald in barley.


Opera® – A winning combination of 2 novel chemistries gives the right direction to your efforts.  With one right step at the right time you can ensure high yield and better quality of your crop. Opera® improves the quality and yield of your crop with its superior disease control and with its advanced plant health benefits.

Uses/benefits of Opera Fungicide:

  • Enhances crop quality and output;
  • Control of disease of broad spectrum;
  • Improves crop tolerance in severe weather by boosting production of chlorophyll;
  • The features of translaminar assist limit the disease spread to other areas of the plant.
  • Effect of prevention, treatment and eradication;
  • Long-term effect;
  • The two active compounds have a high synergistic impact.

Features of Opera Fungicide

  • It controls & prevents onset of diseases
  • It has translaminar properties
  • Assist crops to withstand climate change
  • Promote chlorophyll production
  • Broad spectrum of disease control
  • Improves the quality & yield of your crop

Mode of action

Opera is a combination product of Pyraclostrobin and Epoxiconazole which really offers a broad spectrum of disease control on wide range of crops. With its unique mode of action It blocks the energy supply of the fungus & stop the development of cell membrane, ensuring a longer protection duration.Increase in leaf index area and retention of leaves

Direction for use

 Opera is a fungicide with protectant and systemic properties for use in winter and spring wheat, winter and spring barley, winter and spring oats, durum wheat, rye, triticale, sugar beet, with curative properties in cereals.Yield response in cereals may be obtained in the absence of visual disease. 

Product Details

Packaging Size300 ml, 900 ml
Packaging TypeBottle
Technical NamePyraclostrobin 13.3% + Epoxyconazole 5% SE
Cas NumberEpoxiconazole – 135319-73-2;
Pyraclostrobin – 175013-18-0
CropWheat, Soybean, Corn, Cumin, Groundnut
Disease nameYellow Rust, Cercospora Leaf Spot, Leaf Blight, Alternaria Blight, Tikka
Dosage750 ml/hectare

Prices of Opera Fungicide

$1.00-$100.00/ Kilogram

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