Good for treating Clostridial myositis, Enterotoxemia, or Strep. mastitis. Generally used twice a day. Give in the muscle if you want the blood level to come up faster. SQ injections are less damaging and usually less painful than IM injections. Penicillin injections that hit a blood vein can kill an animal almost immediately. Dosage recommended between 3-5 cc per 100 lbs.


Developing antibiotics of the highest quality is a longstanding tradition at Ceva. The company has mastered the main anti-infective molecules currently on the world veterinary market. Ceva provides practitioners with sound expertise in the sustainable use of veterinary anti-infectives. The majority of products developed are available in injectable form with different formulations to provide a fast or delayed (long) action. Some of those injectable anti-infectives (Vetrimoxin® LA, Tenaline® LA, Spirovet®…) are presented in the innovative CLAS® (Ceva Layered Anti Shatter) vials. The use if this new technology ensures that the antibiotics can be bottled in lightweight, shock resistant, stable and easy to use vials.

Features of Oral Penicillin For Goats

 Procaine Penicillin must be used in double the normal dosage  in conjunction with Thiamine (Vitamin B1) in the treatment of Listeriosis and Goat Polio. At normal 5 cc per 100 lb dosing, it is also  used to treat infection resulting from injuries, bites, and after difficult birthings. Over-the-counter product right now but soon to be vet prescription. Must be refrigerated. Always have lots of this product on hand.


Bactracillin G should be administered by the intramuscular route. The product is ready for injection after warming the vial to room temperature and shaking to ensure a uniform suspension. The recommended daily dosage of penicillin is 3,000 units per pound of bodyweight (one mL per 100 lbs bodyweight). Continue daily treatment until recovery is apparent and for at least on day after symptoms disappear, usually in two to three days. Treatment should not exceed four consecutive days. No more than 10 mL should be injected at any one site in adult livestock: rotate injection sites for each succeeding treatment.


100 mL and 250 mL bottles

Each mL contains 300,000 units Penicillin G Potassium*, 139.0 mg Procaine Hydrochloride*, 2.0% Procaine Hydrochloride, 3.0 mg Potassium Phosphate Monobasic, 6.0 mg Potassium Phosphate Dibasic, 0.4% Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate, 0.4 mg Polysorbate 80, 2.0 mg Lecithin, 0.1% Methyl Paraben, 0.01% Propyl Paraben, 0.15% Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, q.s. Water for Injection. *Penicillin G Potassium and Procaine Hydrochloride react to form penicillin G procaine.

Prices of Oral Penicillin For Goats

$14.00 – $65.00

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