A hutch is your rabbits home where they feel safe, secure and comfortable and it’s where they will sleep, go to the toilet and stretch their legs. A hutch provides your rabbit with a safe area where they can be safely locked in when you’re out so that they are protected from any predators that may be lurking in your garden during the night.

Uses of Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

The enclosure must be secure. If it’s outside then it has to keep out foxes and other predators so the mesh and bolts must be of a good quality. Go for welded mesh of a heavy gauge, not chicken wire, which they can bite through. Use a bolt you can padlock. Give a lot of thought to the wire. There is a gauging system for thickness of wire and the lower the number, the thicker the wire. 16g (1.2mm) is the minimum we recommend. And 12g is even better. Ensure that the wire is properly fixed to the wood.  If it’s a single layer of wire it is safer to be attached on the inside of the run rather than the outside.


  • spacious Space: 31.5″L x 26″W x 46″H. The two-story rabbit cage is ideal for 1-2 rabbits and similar-sized pets such as guinea pig, hamster and ferret, providing more room for pets to run up & down with a solid non-slip wood ramp (5.2” wide) inside.
  • Practical Design: 2 pull-out trays for each level, handy for cleaning up. Roof can be opened, additionally three front doors make you reach critters from any points. The top floor can be closed off with a vertical door (6.3” wide) if you want pets separated.
  • Safe & Solid: 100% Finnish spruce timber and treated with water-based paint, healthy for pets. Thicker panel & mesh wire than others ensures good sturdiness. Galvanized pull-out tray. Roof covered with asphalt keeps pets dry for outdoor.
  • Adorable & Stylish: Classical cottage look with a flower balcony, fits decor easier indoor & outdoor. Top floor is divided into 2 rooms to use. Outstanding ventilation & vision for your pets with 3 doors to open & metal meshes around.
  • Tips for Use: A litter box (with hay) in the corner would be better if he/she had been well trained. Recycled newspapers, puppy pads or fleece mat on the tray would be good choice to clean up. For boredom chewers, providing them some wood sticks, newspaper or fresh vegetables on a regular basis.


· Overall dimensions: 37″ x 24.4″ x 36.2″ (L x W x H)

· Door size (large): 7.9″ x 18.3″ (W x H)

· Door size (small): 7.9″ x 13.8″ (W x H)

· Tray size: 33.9″ x 21.3″ (L x W)

· Product Net Weight: 30.8 LBS

· Package Dimension: 36.8″ x 22.8″x 9.8″

Prices of Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

$271.99 $406.99

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