This condition is common in pet rabbits and warrants urgent investigation as can be indicative of underlying disease. You may notice your rabbit begin to rub his eyes with his front feet, and he may have watery eyes. This condition is often linked to primary issues such as dental disease, blocked tear ducts or immune suppression. Treatment will very depending on the cause. Conjunctivitis in your rabbit is also known as weepy eye and is quite common. It is believed up to 30% of pet rabbits develop conjunctivitis. Your rabbit may experience irritation, redness, discharge and more. Bacteria or viruses can be to blame.

  • Eye infections are a common problem in pet rabbits and often develop because of an underlying problem such as dental disease or an injury to the eye.
  • Eye infections are often easy to spot because they cause red, painful, weepy eyes.
  • Never delay treatment for an eye problem, book an appointment with your vet as soon as you notice any symptoms.


The position of a rabbit’s eyes on either side of their head provides them with a much greater degree of peripheral vision than species that are predators. Combined with their far-sighted vision, rabbits can see predators approaching in the wild. However, rabbits have blind spots directly in front of them, directly behind them and under their chin. Your rabbits’ sense of sight is also different to that of any other pets. For instance, rabbits are partially colourblind, and in very bright environments their eyesight diminishes significantly.

Features of Over The Counter Eye Drops For Rabbits

Terramycin is a type of broad-spectrum antibiotic classified as a tetracycline. It comes as an ophthalmic ointment, an oral powder and an injectable solution. Your vet may prescribe it to treat your rabbit if he is dealing with an eye infection, systemic bacterial infection or upper respiratory issue. It typically is available through veterinarians but can be ordered over the counter from veterinary supply stores.

Uses/benefits of Over The Counter Eye Drops For Rabbits

Your rabbit’s treatment will depend on what has caused their infection, but is likely to include:

  • Antibiotic eye drops to treat kill any bacteria.
  • Artificial tears to keep the eyes moist while they heal.
  • Anti-inflammatory pain relief if their eyes are very sore or inflamed.
  • Regularly bathing your rabbit’s eyes to remove discharge.
  • Most importantly, to prevent problems returning, your vet will want to investigate and treat the cause of your rabbit’s eye infection (especially if it keeps coming back).

Make sure you give your rabbit all their medication (you may find our medication planner helpful), isolate them from any healthy rabbits until your vet says otherwise, and let your vet know if their symptoms don’t improve.​

Usage in Rabbits

Your vet will examine your rabbit and culture any bacteria he finds if your bunny is suffering from a bacterial infection to determine a treatment plan.

  • Your vet may prescribe Terramycin ointment to treat your rabbit’s bacterial eye infection.
  • Terramycin given orally can prevent enteritis in your rabbits due to weaning and infections withPasteurellaspecies of bacteria.
  • The oral form is also used to treat Tyzzer’s disease, a potentially deadly condition caused byClostridium piliformethat results in watery diarrhea.
  • Terramycin is also used to treat a respiratory condition called Pasteurellosis, commonly referred to as “snuffles.”
  • Your vet may prescribe the injectable solution for use as an ear drop for several weeks to treat a condition known as wry neck. Wry neck causes the head to tilt to the side, usually due to incidents of snuffles.

Application and Effectiveness

Follow your vet’s recommendations in terms of the dosage, method of application and frequency of application of Terramycin to your rabbit. Terramycin can kill both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. This medication is effective against a variety of infections, including those due to streptococci, rickettsiae,E. coliandAerobacter aerogenes. Apply eye ointments along the lower eyelid without touching the tip of the applicator to the eye. Give your rabbit oral doses of the medication in your rabbit’s food or water, as directed.

Prices of Eye Drops For Rabbits

$23.99 – $62.99

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