Paddy Dryer Machine Drying is the process that reduces grain moisture content to a safe level for storage. Drying is the most critical operation after harvesting the rice crop. Proper Drying will maintain grain quality and minimize losses.

Uses of Paddy Dryer Machine

. High quality grain / wheat / rice / corn and other seeds after drying for better selling at good price.
2. Large capacity, high efficiency and the cheapest product in the market.
3. Low drying cost, long service lift, easy operation and maintenance.
4. Full-automation in feeding, conveying, drying, moisture control and optional bagging after drying.
5. Advanced product layout and nice appearance.


1. Multi-functional design which is applied to paddy, wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed and other seeds. The dryer adopts indirect heating which is non-pollution and can remove the dust in the grain.
2. Adopt the circulation low drying technique which can improve the drying speed and quality.
3. New unloading design to avoid blocking, leakage, remaining of the grain and/or other seeds.
4. The grind proof design adopts a plate for scattering the grain in the top of the dryer. The blade of the plate is circular
which is processed with shape.
5. There is a short contact time between the grain and the plat, so it does not need too much driving power, which can radically solve the cracking and grinding problems.
6. The grain has increased crack percentage will be less than 1% and increased grinding rate will be less than 0.1%, which both superior to the international standard.


Capacity per batch2t
Drying capacity10-15ton/day
Total power6kw
Type of heatingHot air furnace (Coal,charcoal),diesel combustion engine,gas combustion engine
Total weight900kg

Prices of Paddy Dryer Machine:

$2,800.00 -$12,800.00

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